Celebrities must stop seeking office

Nicole Prus, Online Editor

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Presidency is a major responsibility, which is why celebrities are unfit to run due to their lack of political knowledge. Volodymyr Zelensky is a celebrity who was elected to be Ukraine’s president.

Celebrities are unfit to be president since they lack political experience and they value the act of making money more than valuing the people they represent.

Celebrities will set America up for failure rather than for greatness due to their lack of knowledge on politics. 

For years, this nation’s government has been run by prominent presidents who strive to help the U.S. prosper and serve as the representatives of the people. 

Without these highly educated political leaders, the nation would not be organized the way it is today. They need to have a knowledge on politics as well as experience to be able to run the country. 

Many presidents have a bachelor’s or master’s degree for politics, which proves their worth and readiness to run a country. Just following up with the news is not enough to take charge of America. It takes so much more than that, but celebrities are ignorant to see it. 

It is quite appalling that many celebrities do not take running for president seriously. They just do it to boost their publicity. Unfortunately, they gain many supporters because of their fame, which gives them a heightened chance of winning. 

On top of that, celebrities do not understand how much work and responsibility it takes to become president. They are already busy with their fast-paced careers. How will they provide all their attention to the nation if they must go on tour or film a movie? 

Trump is the first president who was a former reality TV star. Before president he was – and still is – a businessman. A president should apply their full attention to the needs of all the people in America. He shouldn’t even have the time to run hotels if he is running a whole country. 

He is also known for caring only about the needs of the rich since he, too, is part of their wealthy community, which is a wrong thing to do as a president. According to USA Today, the Trump administration is weighing bypassing Congress to give the rich more tax breaks instead of protecting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. 

For future elections, voters should not vote for celebrities like Oprah and Kanye, because if they do vote for them, the government will become weaker.