Grab those scissors and get to work

An opportunity for change shouldn’t be ignored


Jessie Larrinaga

During quarantine, people should take advantage of the opportunity to try out new looks. People have posted videos on social media of themselves cutting and dying their hair. Coronavirus has offered an opportunity to try new things without the pressure of seeing all your peers the next day.

Jessie Larrinaga, Social Media Manager

Recently on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, people have been uploading videos of themselves dying and cutting their hair, trying out new makeup looks, and changing up their clothing styles by ordering things online. With most people being in quarantine, there has never been a better time for makeovers. 

Ordinarily, if someone took the leap of faith and dyed their hair a crazy color, they’d have to face all their peers the next day at school or work. Right now, if you don’t like the way it turns out, no one must see it, and you can wait for it to go back to normal. 

I decided I wanted to join the trend and try out pink hair. I used a semi-permanent dye so it wouldn’t last more than six weeks. I ended up really liking the way it looked, and I never would have done it without this break from normalcy. 

But if I hadn’t liked the way it turned out, it wouldn’t have really mattered that much. We’ve been quarantined now since March, and we probably will be for a while longer. There’s still time to try out something crazy. 

Cutting hair can seem a bit more daunting, but it’s basically the same. If someone cut their hair short now, by the time we get out of quarantine it will have started growing back, and they can go to a stylist to get it fixed up.  

If coronavirus has proven anything, it’s that nothing is permanent. The ability to interact with people outside of one’s immediate family in person has been taken away, but it won’t last forever. Neither will a haircut. 

Previously, a lot of people would see someone with colorful hair and have a preconceived notion of who that person would be, but because of the huge number of people participating in these trends, there seems to be less stigma about different looks and emerging styles. Society is becoming more accepting – especially younger generations. 

Which styles are considered “in” change with time, so it’s no surprise that younger generations try things out that older people see as unusual. But this break has given almost everyone a new outlook on life.  

If you want to try something, you should just do it because the opportunity may not always be there. Coronavirus has made lots of things impossible, but not expressing yourself and experimenting with new things.