Try these Christmas treat ideas


Kennedy Gilbert

Here are some of the Christmas Classics, tasty treats to get everyone in the mood for the Holidays!

Kennedy Gilbert, Staffer

Christmas Treat Ideas:   

White Chocolate Peppermint Patties: Could there be anything more creative and delicious? Peppermint is a holiday flavor that always gets people excited, and it’s a refreshing taste to lighten up the spirits. Recipe: 1/10.   

Slice and bake gingerbread cookies: It is easy to make and following this recipe will allow you to bake up to three assorted flavors. The lemon ones add a little bit of zest if you are not a sweet lover. Recipe: 2/10.   

 White chocolate truffles: If you adore white chocolate, then you will love these. They add a creamy, buttery texture to the already delicious truffle. A little Christmas holly could be used as a decoration on top. Recipe: 3/10.   

Retro Christmas tree Cake: Bringing back the vintage style of Christmas, with white-tipped branches and colorful bulbs, this tree will be so exciting to make with the family. Recipe: 4/10.   

Santa Cake: If you want another cake with a different theme, the Santa cake with cream cheese frosting is always a number one hit. To accessorize your Santa, you can use frosting as a belt and cookies as buttons. Recipe: 5/10.   

Chocolate Pretzel Snowman: While this is a more straightforward approach to a holiday treat, they still look adorable on serving platters. The only ingredients needed are pretzels and chocolate. Recipe: 6/10.   

Edible Candy Cane Cups: Whether you’re putting hot cocoa or a cocktail, these candy cane cups incorporate a tasty flavor to whatever your guests will be drinking this holiday. Recipe: 7/10.   

Christmas Candy Cane Swiveled Bark: Of course, it is not Christmas without this classic! However, to add a little twist, no pun intended. This one has green and red mixed in to make it even more colorful. Add toppings if you would like! Recipe: 8/10.  

Oreo Christmas Ornament Cookies: First is to make sure the Oreo cookie is chocolate dipped or dipped in some fondue. Take any of your favorite small candies that vary in color and sprinkle them on top. Design your ornament cookie any way you want it! Recipe: 9/10.   

Chocolate Cranberry Christmas Mini Cakes: Instead of trying to bake a whole cake, try these adorable, tiny cakes. Not only are they flavorsome, but they are great for anybody that’s vegan or potentially allergic to nuts or gluten. Recipe: 10/10.


Of course, these are just Christmas decorated treat ideas, but for whatever occasion you might be celebrating, there’s always plenty of inspiration out there to explore.