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Chad Mendez
Chad Mendez, an exiled prince from Czechoslovakia, now spends his days in exile as a Senior Video Producer for the Pep O’ Plant newspaper. He dedicates time to the catharsis of editing creative masterpieces for the school website – that is, if he ever gets them done. He enjoys building friendly communities of interaction with his contagious laughter. A power so great has caused his collagen and elastin fibers to break down, adding signature smile lines to his exuberant personality. He is the definition of reactive, justified by spontaneity, never allowing “them” to know his next move. A slacker by day and asleep by night, there seems to never be enough time to complete tasks, improbable but not impossible, and what little time exists will be enough for the revolution...and to reside in Yugoslavia. And with 27 characters left at his disposal--he says never bite the hand that feeds you. 

Chad Mendez, Videographer

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