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As Florida’s COVID cases rise, schools decide whether mask mandates should be put in place. More and more districts across the state slowly opposed their governor’s decision.
Florida vs Masks
Olivia Zavala, Staffer • September 10, 2021

A battle between Florida's schools and the government brings to light nationwide the argument between...

As a result of the additional classes, many students have received schedule changes.
Plant adds classes to reduce crowding
Ava Satterfield, Cultures Editor • September 9, 2021

With all students physically back on campus at Plant High this year, the hallways are more crowded, and many classrooms...

Spencer Elden sues Nirvana on the ground of profiting from child nudity.
Nirvana sued by baby on their “Nervermind” album
Eve Murdick, News Editor • September 1, 2021

Spencer Elden was photographed for one the top selling albums in the world: Nirvana’s “Nevermind.”...

The band One Direction performs on stage in front of thousands of fans. Millions of people around the world are still waiting for their return.
Breaking Down the One Direction Albums
Emily Mangione, Staffer • September 7, 2021

On July 23, 2010, arguably one of the best boybands of all time was formed on a TV show called the X- Factor in the UK. The group consists of...

Season two of Outer Banks has been released over the summer, and students discuss if it still lives up to the popularity it received over season one.
‘Outer Banks’ Season 2: Worth the Hype?
Maris Brown, Staffer • September 3, 2021

This summer felt a lot like the summer of 2020. A new strain of COVID and a new season of 'Outer Banks?' It seems like déjà vu for many people...

The Supreme Court refused to overturn Texas six-week abortion ban because the plaintiff did not have a proper writ of certiorari.
Texas’ six-week abortion ban is a tragedy for all women
Ari Dolgin , Staffer • September 2, 2021

The United States Supreme Court voted in a 5-4 decision to refuse to block Texas’ six-week abortion ban at midnight on Thursday, Sep. 2. Justice...

Throughout the school year, students focus not only on their grades, subjects, and sports, but also on making extra pocket money. However, a day is only 24 hours and one full Earth’s rotation, but to many students, it is not enough. Juggling with rigorous classes and a part-time job can be challenging, but many students find it rewarding.
Students Juggling School and Part-Time Jobs
Luka Vaicekauskas, Features Editor • August 26, 2021

Throughout the school year, students focus not only on their grades, subjects, and sports, but also on making extra pocket money. However, a...

Randall Adkison, the new theatre director, prepares for the new year. The first show of the year will be a fall musical, “She Kills Monsters.”
Lights, Camera, Adkison!
Olivia Zavala, Staffer • August 19, 2021

After seven consecutive years, the Plant Theatre Program temporarily closes its curtains on teacher and director Dan Franke and shines the light...

“Untitled” by Amy Cha
Kate Bernstein, Photo Editor • April 1, 2021

Junior Amy Cha shares her experiences with art both inside and outside of school. Having been involved with art since her time at Gorrie Elementary...

Senior Jean Luma lines up against Jefferson opponent. Plant defeated Jefferson 22-2.
Plant defeats Jefferson
Hyatt Criser, Sports Editor • September 2, 2021

On August 27th at 7:30 pm, the Plant Panthers Football Team defeated the Jefferson Dragons 22-2 in their first preseason home game. After...

The 2021 Great Britain Grand Prix is one of the most controversial races in F1 history, involving rivals, Red Bull Racing and Mercedes Petronas. The race was a thrill for all fans and will affect the rest of F1 history, let it be rules and regulations or the fan base of the teams.
Anger, Excitement, Drama — A Recap of the Great Britain Grand Prix
Emma Kuschmeider, Coverage Editor • August 25, 2021

The historic weekend of July 16-18 put many fans at the edge of their seats. Tensions and rivalries grew as crashes and celebrations occurred...

Barshim and Tamberi raise their fists as they stand on top of the podium at the World Olympics in Tokyo.
Shared Gold Medal in Olympic High Jump
Hyatt Criser, Sports Editor • August 18, 2021

On August 1, the World Olympics made history in Tokyo, Japan, when the Men Athletics High jump had two gold medals. The clash between Mutaz...

An inside look on featured outfits inside, Deborah Kent’s, one of Tampa’s famous boutiques.
Inside Deborah Kent's
Kennedy Gilbert, Staffer • September 14, 2021

Deborah Kent's is a South Tampa sanctuary for some people; when you walk through the doors, there is...

Despite the fact that homecoming has been postponed, there are still some great options for dresses.
Homecoming Dress Options
Jadyn Mize, Staffer • September 8, 2021

Even after the postponement of Plant’s homecoming, students are still participating in homecoming...

Allure Realty, the stars of the upcoming Tampa reality TV home show, pose for the camera.(Instagram/allurerealtyfl)
Tampa's Hot Real Estate Market Attracts Reality TV Home Shows
Ava Satterfield, Cultures Editor • August 20, 2021

Tampa Bay's booming real estate market has made it a new host to reality home television.     In...

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