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The student-run news site of H. B. Plant High School

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Annual Met Gala was on May 2 at the Met Museum in New York. As usual, it was attended by A-listers such as Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour

Top Met Gala outfits 2022

Sydney Appleton, Staffer May 18, 2022

On May 2, the annual Met Gala returned to New York City. Hundreds of celebrities walked the iconic red carpet in their intricate outfits. This year's theme was the Gilded Age.  After watching the livestream...

Hopefully, these looks will serve as inspiration for the upcoming season. Whether, it’s a mini-skirt, white suit, or strap dress one of these looks will be the one for you!

Spring/summer fashion trends 2022

Kennedy Gilbert, Staffer May 11, 2022

Pleated Skirts: They aren’t for everybody, but if you want the flowy skirt that breezes by as you walk down the street, this is ideal. This item is perfect for a tennis match at Palm Beach or if...

Debating between mountain and beach vacations? Read below to decide!

Beach or mountain vacation?

Rowan O'Flanagan and Emily Mangione May 6, 2022

Planning to go on a family trip and can't decide between beach or mountains? You want the cool water but a nice hike at the end of the day. Well, read the two sides below and make your choice!

Here are the 12 zodiac signs and their symbols, each has their own unique representation. For example, Scorpio is represented by the venomous scorpion.

The beginners guide to astrology

Kennedy Gilbert, Staffer May 5, 2022

Aquarius: (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) The 11th sign of the zodiac. These air signs are known for being the progressives of the zodiac. These are the ones that want to rebel against the norms and are the outside-of-the-box...

There have been eight live action Spider-Man movies made since 2002 with three different actors. Here is a ranking of the eight.

Spider-Man movie ranking

Giada Moralejo, Staffer April 26, 2022

Spider-Man has been loved for many years and by many generations. I love all the different movies with different stories and characters, but all originate from the same idea. There is a total of eight...

El 29 de Marzo Bad Bunny tomo el escenario en el Amway Center para su show El Ultimo Tour del Mundo. Canto muchas canciones de sus dos albums; YHLQMDLG y El Ultimo Tour del Mundo.

Bad Bunny toma el escenario en el Amway Center

Samantha Macuare, Editor In Chief April 4, 2022

El 29 de Marzo Bad Bunny llego al Amway Center para dar su show “El Ultimo Tour del Mundo.” Yo fui a su primer tour “X100PRE” dos veces y me encanto. Entonces cuando anuncio que iba hacer otro...

The Lumineers released their new album “Brightside” in January this year. The album contains nine songs.

New The Lumineers album provides storytelling, emotion

Rowan O'Flanagan, Opinion's Editor March 30, 2022

Indie rock band The Lumineers, made up of Wesley Schultz, lead vocalist and guitar player, and Jeremiah Fraites, percussionist and pianist, released their newest album, “Brightside,” on January 14....

Friends are part of life; they are meant to make your world a little better. “Sometimes growing up also means growing apart.”

High school friendships: how they come and go

Kennedy Gilbert, Staffer March 28, 2022

In every High School movie, there are always cliches: jocks, cheerleaders, Goths, nerds, band kids, stoners, and the nobodies. Then there are the people who do not really fit into any category, they are...

This replica of the Hogwarts castle is at the amusement park, Islands of Adeventure in Orlando Florida. Fans can ride wizard themed rides, drink butterbeer, and pretend to have magic for the day. To learn more about the Harry Potter movies keep reading this article!

Ranking the Harry Potter movies

Emily Mangione, Staffer March 22, 2022

#1- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  This is the fourth movie in the franchise and arguably the best one. In the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter is faced with extreme challenges in the Triwizard Tournament,...

Pictured above, Meredith Grey laughs when speaking with other doctors in the attending lounge at Grey Sloan Memorial. Meredith has just recovered from COVID-19 and has returned to her job as a general surgeon. Scroll to learn more about Merediths experiences and challenges of season 18.

Grey’s Anatomy season 18 review

Sydney Appleton, Staffer February 15, 2022

For Grey's Anatomy fans, the last 18 seasons of the show have been a whirlwind. From success to tragedy, the show has portrayed it all.   As the release date of season 19 approaches, many avid fans...

Pictured above is the completed iced coffee. Scroll to read more about the drink.

Best coffee recipe

Sydney Appleton, Staffer February 9, 2022

As a coffee enthusiast, I have spent months attempting to find/create the perfect iced coffee recipe. After many failed attempts, I discovered that the key is to keep your recipe simple and not go overboard...

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