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E-Learning Q and A

Ready for school, senior Toni Keene’s set-up includes her laptop and an open binder. Keene mentioned her emotional stress of being a senior and not being able to attend school in the way that she had hoped.

Lauren Azevedo, Social Media Manager

September 17, 2020

Toni Keene is a senior at Plant and is attending school through the e-learning option.   Q: What was the reason you decided to become an e-learner over becoming a traditional learner in school?  A: I am high risk for the virus because I have heart problems. I also have dealt with being in the h...


Against a backdrop of clouds, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital stands in downtown St. Petersburg. Perno has been working with the hospital since July 2003.

Alexis Perno, Print Editor

May 31, 2020

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is no stranger to challenges.  After a Nov. 28, 2018 Tampa Bay Times investigative report detailing low-quality clinical care in the Heart Institute, the hospital saw a tumultuous time: within a little over a month, almost the entire senior leadership team w...

Making something from nothing

Senior Natalie Ulm talks about website, creative processes and more

Michelle Tutor, Managing Editor

April 30, 2020

Vines curl around corners of walls that dawn 70s rock and Picasso posters galore; the four corners of senior Natalie Ulm’s room is where most of her ideas turn to words and images. This is aided by a cup of black coffee and her sleeping cat, Raisin, that both sit at her side. Due to school being online, Ulm said ...

COVID-19 RESPONSE: City Council Chair Luis Viera

As chairman, Viera also leads and runs the meetings for the Tampa City Council. Regarding the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Viera believes that everyone has a role in subduing the spread of the virus, and that now is the time to support the community through both continued work efforts and charity.  

Kate Bernstein, Staffer

April 28, 2020

Representing District 7, the New and North Tampa area, Councilman and attorney Luis Viera’s role includes sharing information with and being an advocate for his constituents in a range of areas, from budget to land use issues. As chairman, Viera also leads and runs the meetings for the Tampa City ...

An influencer for open minds and open hearts

An influencer for open minds and open hearts

Michelle Tutor, Managing Editor

April 16, 2020

A Canon EOS Rebel camera turns on, the battery icon colored lime green. It sits secured on a tripod in a brightly lit room as the settings are turned to video mode. One test shot is done for lighting and audio, a second follows, then a third. The rustle of movement stops as a voice begins ‘Hey guys, Nicky Giunt...

Panther to Met

Pete Alonso walks onto the field and raises his hat to a crowd of 32,210 after hitting his record-breaking 53rd home run of the year at Citi Field, Saturday, Sep 28, 2019. Alonso’s 53 homeruns were the most ever hit by a rookie. Photo courtesy of

Ari Dolgin, Staffer

February 27, 2020

A crowd of over 30,000 Mets fans stood up and cheered when Plant alumnus Pete Alonso hit his record-setting 53rd home run of the season over the center-field wall. Two months later, Alonso received 29 out of 30 first-place votes from the BBWAA to win the National League Rookie of the Year Award. Alonso said t...

Resource officer retires after 11 years at Plant

Posing for the camera, school resource officer Mark Holloway smiles on his last day at Plant. Officer Holloway has been at Plant for 11 years and officially retired from his position Friday, Jan. 24.

Salena Kahassai, News Editor

February 13, 2020

From patrolling the streets to working on campus, Plant’s resource officer, Mark Holloway, says he’s spent his career on campus keeping the school safe. After 11 years, Holloway is retiring from his position at the school.   “I do all that I can to put the bad guys in jail and do all of...

Caught in the stars

Looking at the stars, seniors Julie Elorza and Eric Zhao, junior Shibani Rana, and sophomore Julie Cortez gather to discuss the results from meeting, Oct. 23, outside the new building. This was the astronomy clubs first meeting of the year.

Salena Kahassai, Staffer

January 14, 2020

At school in the black of night whilst snacking on space-themed food and peering through large metal telescopes, members of the astronomy club gather for a typical meeting.   Students who share an interest in the study of space often join the club to participate in group discussions and observe the planets...

Marine Monday, Marine Funday

Logging into play JackBox games, junior Toni Keene and members of the Marine Science club enjoy spending time with their fellow members. Keene joined the club two years ago out of her love for animals and interest in marine science.

Izzy Antilla, Staffer

January 13, 2020

Laughing, talking and playing trivia-style Jackbox games, members of the Marine Science club took part in Marine Monday, a regular event for the club. The meeting was held on Monday, Nov. 18 and is one way the members of the club talk to one another about future events.    “I love getting to learn a...

Student receives National Honor Band

Smiling, senior Cal Richards reflects on being awarded National Honor Band. After he found out the news, Richards was very surprised, but he looks forward to playing with musicians from across the nation.

Izzy Antilla, Staffer

January 10, 2020

Q: What is National Honor Band and what does it mean?  A: It is the best players from the nation all brought together in one place, it means you would have made all state during that year and then audition for this band. It is seen as one of the top things you can be in.   Q: What was the process to get Nationa...

Teacher moves on to instruct university

During fourth period, Spanish teacher Yohanis Carrera poses for a picture with her students at the start of class. Carrera said she showed her appreciation for her students by having a class party.

Lauren Azevedo, Staffer

December 20, 2019

Q: How long have you been teaching at Plant?  A: At Plant I believe it’s been five years.   Q: When is your last day at Plant?  A: Next week after exams after over.   Q: What is your favorite part about teaching at Plant?  A: The students. There’s no doubt.   Q: What are you plannin...

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