PHS News

2017-2018 Staff

Canton Gonzalez


Caton Gonzalez is a junior and a designer on the Pep O' Plant staff. This year is her first year on staff and at Plant High School. When she's not in the journalism room she can be found in the TV Production room sketching out...

Gavin Figueruelo

Staff Writer

Gavin Figueruelo is a sophomore writer in the Pep O' Plant. He is apart of the school rowing team and is involved in multiple clubs. He hopes to get involved in school activities and excel in his academics. On his free time he...

Chad Mendez

Staff Writer

Chad Mendez, a Pep O' Plant Junior, is a fun-loving chap that loves to utilize dated vocabulary as an added gag to his arsenal of unique nature. He maintains his immaturity to preserve youth in himself and others until the real...

Morgan Shelton


Morgan Shelton is a junior staff photographer for the newspaper. She is a swimmer who loves to sing, travel, and be by the ocean. She also enjoys bike rides and reading novels in her free time.

Alissa Melman

Multinedia Manager

Alissa Mellman is a junior and the multimedia manager for Pep O’ Plant. She loves puppies and you can catch her at American eagle in the mall where she works.

Zachary Robinson

Sports Editor

Zachary Robinson is a Senior and the Sports Editor for the Pep O' Plant. This is his first year on staff. When Zach isn't writing freezing-cold takes on the 1947 Indonesian Cricket Team (best team ever, can totally take on the...

Jasmine Burgess


Jasmine Burgess is a senior and a designer for Pep O' Plant. She loves to illustrate and design new graphics and bring her art to life. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching movies, and listening to music. She enjoys...

Tegan Fannin

Photo Editor

Tegan Fannin is Photo Manager for Pep O' Plant, and greatly enjoys her position. Tegan is naturally a very bossy person who enjoys leadership positions, so this is perfect for her. She also loves to go swimming and has played...

Macie Lavender

Staff Writer

Macie Lavender is a Plant senior on the Pep O’Plant staff. She is president of D.A.D.S. and on the Anchor spirit committee. Outside of school, you can most likely find her at the thrift store, the movie theater, or enjoying...

Grace Summers


Grace Summers is the staff artist for Pep o' Plant. She is the president of D.A.D.S. and is the captain of cross county and track. She loves salty food, especially olives and pickles. She hates spending too much money on things,...

Caleb Watson


Caleb Watson is a senior on the Pep O’ Plant multimedia news team. He eats lots of blueberries but dislikes the taste of them. Actually, he’s never had a blueberry but has had a couple grapes before. If anyone has grape recommendations...

Alexis Perno

Business Manager

Alexis Perno is a sophomore and Business Manager for the school newspaper. She enjoys reading and writing but never has time to do either. Poetry and music are two of her favorite hobbies, and she is heavily involved with Chorus,...

Riley Schofner

Staff Writer

Riley Schofner is a staff writer for the Pep O' Plant newspaper. He is currently a sophomore, and this is his first year on the newspaper staff! He is a member of marching band, and plays marimba in the front ensemble. He likes...

Natalie Kerr

Copy Editor

Natalie Kerr is a junior and a Copy Editor for Pep O' Plant. She hopes to fix everyone's issues- grammar issues- and make Mrs. Avery less stressed. She would like to thank Maddie White for having a dog named Chewbacca and Tegan...

Madison White

Staff Writer

Madison White is a junior and is a staff writer and photographer for PHS News. She has aspirations in the field of cinematography and works hard to achieve her goals. This year she will be helping with the multi-media aspects...

Graham Hill

Staff Writer

Graham Hill is a sophomore staff writer for newspaper. He enjoys reading and writing; his favorite book is Catch-22. History is his favorite subject in school, and he hopes to potentially teach the subject in college. He is also...

Dylan Pitts

Staff Writer

Dylan Pitts is a junior and staff writer for the Pep O Plant. He has a passion for fashion and anything fun and exciting. You can find him on his instagram, @dylan.pitts, where you'll see his adventures and his ever-growing closet....

Chloe-Amelie Aikman

Staff Writer

Chloe-Amelie Aikman is currently a sophomore staff writer for the Pep O' Plant. She enjoys colored scarves, ginger tea and surrealism. When she's not writing articles, she can be found outside sketching or wandering library aisles...

Alea Jennings


Alea Jennings is a junior and is a photographer for the Pep O' Plant Newspaper. She enjoys photography, traveling, and art. As an artist, she concentrates on photography and painting. When painting, she likes to create realistic...

Isabella Ank

News Editor

Isabella Ank is a junior and the News Editor on Pep O' Plant. This is her second year on the Pep O' Plant staff. In her spare time, she likes to ride her bike and run. Isabella also has a bearded dragon, Jupiter, who is the Best...

Jake Criser

Copy Editor

Jake Criser is a junior and a Copy Editor for the Pep O' Plant. Although he is sometimes mistaken for his twin brother, Dean, he is widely considered by historians to be "a pretty cool dude." When he is not proofreading other...

Dean Criser

Features Editor

Dean Criser is a junior and the Features Editor for the Pep O' Plant newspaper. When he is not writing articles, he can be found at Speech and Debate Club meetings or crew practices. He is often incorrectly called the name of...

Thompson Draper

Opinions Editor

Thompson Draper is an 11th grade student here at Plant who enjoys to write. It is his second year in Newspaper and he assumed the position of Opinions Manager this year. Math is his favorite school subject, and he enjoys helping...

Jacob Robinson

Editor in Chief

Jacob Robinson is a senior at H.B. Plant High School and is the co-EIC this year after being the Sports Editor for the past two years. When he is not at school, you can find him grinding at the YMCA both on and off the court,...

Savannah Lowry

Editor in Chief

Savannah Lowry is a senior and currently in her second year of being Editor-in-Chief of both the print and online versions of the Pep O' Plant newspaper. This is her fourth year on staff, after spending her freshman year as a...

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