Sestina for Someone

Dean Criser, Copy Editor-in-Chief

As I awoke to the sun’s light,
I opened my closed eyes,
And I could not find Ezra,
So I went into Eden,
To find the man called God,
And found him by a grave.

I sat by the small grave,
Near the man enshrined in light,
I asked him and asked God,
To open up my closed eyes,
So a child of Eden,
Could find her dear Ezra.

I dreamt then of Ezra,
As I fell to sleep by the grave,
In the comfort of this Eden,
And in the summer light,
Resting my closed eyes,
By the man we called God.

In the darkness I saw God,
And with him was my Ezra,
And reflected in his cold eyes,
I saw something grave,
But then a heavenly light,
Reminded me of Eden.

This town of ours was Eden,
Given to us by God,
And in his warming light,
Why fear for scared Ezra,
For if he looked grave,
It was from his closed eyes.

So I opened my closed eyes,
And returned to our town Eden,
Lying quietly by the grave,
In the comfort of our God,
Whom I knew would save Ezra,
With his undying divine light.

And this grave I read with open eyes,
In the eternal light of Eden,
By God, I read “Ezra!”