Bring Breath at Dusk

Dean Criser, Copy Editor-in-Chief

And break my brittle bones with boots,

You stomp upon my swollen face.

That I might grasp the grass’s roots,

Transcend into eternal grace.

When blood bleeds black like broken glass,

I leave my mind; my worries pass.


Cripple and crush my skull with heels,

Burst out my eyes by your fingers.

Nerves wracked by nails, my skin it peels.

Each drop falls down, my pain lingers.

And die and die and die once more,

Pulchritude flesh; my paramour.


Sticky sweat that dries sickly sweeps,

Across busted black bones atop,

Sweetly like streams crying and seeps,

Into the soil spitting sleep stop.

Awake I lie to glance my cross,

Splayed above cot; where I will toss.


The sleepless sleep will starve my mind,

Suck my innards out with a straw.

Beauty in blank I long to find,

All the nothings I wish I saw.

Bleed me ‘til breath leaves from my lips,

Long to forget; my hemlock sips.