How using social media during quarantine can positively affect you


Michelle Tutor

Social media not only keeps the world connected, but it keeps everyday people updated on the latest news. Updates and guidelines were posted all over social media about ways individuals could stay safe and staying connected made people less likely to go out due to lack of socialization.

Jessie Larrinaga, Social Media Manager

In a time where it isn’t safe to see friends or family, social media has enabled people to stay connected, as well as informed.  

The coronavirus has impacted everyone’s lives in so many ways. People can’t do a lot of the things they used to be able to do including see their friends and family that they don’t live with.  

Social media allows people to talk and see each other digitally without putting themselves in danger. They can FaceTime, post pictures of themselves on apps like Instagram and tweet out things going on with themselves to add a sense of normalcy in a very hectic time.  

Without social media, people would probably feel a lot lonelier than they already do – and while it’s hard enough not being able to see loved ones, it would be a lot harder if it was impossible to communicate with them at all.  

Additionally, people would probably put themselves in more danger if social media didn’t allow them to communicate. Being able to converse digitally makes it less likely that people will break quarantine and hang out with their friends just because of their boredom.  

On social media applications like TikTok, people have created a multitude of videos about not breaking quarantine so that the pandemic can be controlled more efficiently. People spreading messages of proper social distancing makes others want to follow their example.  

When creators and influencers post about what they’re doing in quarantine and how they’re following suggested guidelines, it makes the people who follow them more likely to do the same.  

It has also let information about safety precautions spread far and wide. Many apps like Instagram have notices about COVID-19 at the top of user’s feed. This links to information provided by the CDC about stay-at-home measures.  

Seeing this information spreads awareness about the disease that many people probably wouldn’t see or care about otherwise, and being updated on the latest information can be vital in a time like this.  

Health care workers have also been posting videos on TikTok that have gone viral and been seen by hundreds of thousands – sometimes even millions – of people. Seeing the people who are risking their lives to help others talk about what people should be doing in this time of crisis is extremely powerful.  

Anyone with an ounce of compassion can see that these people are sacrificing their own well-being for others, and these videos have the potential to make people want to try harder to do what they can to stop the spread of coronavirus.  

Lastly, it provides something to do in a time where so much is shut down.  

People can’t go to restaurants, but they can use social media to find new recipes to try making themselves at home. 

People can’t go to the gym, but there are so many videos on social media with workout routines to try. 

People can’t go to the mall, but social media allows them to find cute clothes to buy online without going into stores.  

These are just some examples, but social media is an outlet that helps make up for some of the things that have been lost due to quarantine.  

Not only does social media keep people informed and connected, but it can also help them stay safe in a very scary time.