Businesses board up windows for 2020 election


Eve Murdick

Due to violent protests from earlier this year in June after the death of George Floyd, businesses, especially in downtown Washington D.C., are apprehensive about riots. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3.

A storm is brewing, spurring from the White House—only it’s not natural disaster. It’s the upcoming decision of our future president. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3. Windows of cautious yet clever businesses board up windows in preparation for possible violence ahead 

Due to violent protests from earlier this year in June after the death of George Floyd, businesses, especially in downtown Washington D.C., are apprehensive about riots. Some close their doors and their windows with plywood and other protections. Small and large businesses, no matter the popularity of the city, is partaking in these precautionary measures. With one of the tensest elections near in a polarized society with biased media, these businesses are taking preemptive steps in preparation for turmoil that could go on for a period time, hopefully days and not weeks. 

These wooden barricades started going up around Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken during the weekend. No matter who wins, businesses, and most people across United States cities, are predicting social unrest. Nordstrom stated that it plans to board up over 350 of its stores and even hire extra security for Election Day on Tuesday. Nieman Marcus says, like many other stores, plan to close early at 5 p.m. on Election Day. Tiffany and Company and Saks Fifth Avenue are doing the same. It is absurd that businesses have to worry about taking these measures and are so anxious about the violence that president itself from this election. 

“Ferragamo is boarded up, Prada is boarded up, Dolce & Gabbana is boarded up,” Kathy Gohari, vice president of the Rodeo Drive Committee states. “Rodeo Drive is among the most desirable streets in the world, which means we’re one of the biggest targets. What we do not welcome is people with ill intentions, who are here to destruct property.”  

Retailers across the country are spending millions on these safety measures. Some stores are closing for the whole day on Tuesday this week, many of which are offering paid time off.  

It is necessary that businesses who believe there is a chance of their stores being attacked should protect their stores, especially in popular cities. It is expensive to produce these barricades and implement more security this Tuesday, it will not be as detrimental to the store as it would be if their store was attacked or looted.  

Irritation has run high in many U.S. cities earlier this year, caused by outcry and outrage from police violence towards African Americans over the summer. Some demonstrators against these acts from police took out their frustration by smashing shop windows, looting and even destroying businesses earlier this year.  

This election is just as polarizing due to the retaliation of how inappropriate Donald Trump is handling issues in the U.S., especially with COVID-19. Cases from the virus in the United States are at an ultimate high. 9.36 million cases, over 200,000 deaths and a staggering thousands of cases are going up per day, not to mention the loss of jobs. Since January of 2017, the economy of the U.S. is down by 4.7 million jobs, according to CNN.