Catch up with: Euphoria


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Episode 5 showcased the relationship between an addict and their loved ones. In this episode Rue told Maddy Cassie’s secret.

Episode 5 was probably the saddest one of the whole series. I think we finally see how hard it is to live with a person who is an addict. As an audience, we grew a lot of sympathy for Gia and her mother after seeing what Rue has genuinely put them through. Rue has reached rock bottom; she has burned all her bridges. The most jaw-dropping thing she did was tell Maddy Cassie had been hooking up with Nate. I didn’t expect it to come out that way, but I’m glad it did. The most unforgivable thing she did was push Fez in his own house. I don’t think I can ever forgive Rue for that one.