Catch up with: Euphoria


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6 episodes down 2 to go. This weeks episode showed Nate’s reaction to finding out Maddy knows about him and Cassie.

After last week’s unfortunate episode, I am glad episode 6 had some lighter and happier scenes. We get Lexi and Fez watching Stand By Me, which was the cutest thing ever; Sam even gave us a little hand hold. We also got Rue’s sponsor coming over and cooking dinner, bringing attention to Gia’s feelings about Rue’s situation. Gia has lived through a sick father, a tired mother and now a drug addict sister. I think Leslie, understandably, puts her on the back burner a little, but Ali has brought light to it, and we will hopefully get more Gia. Every episode, I grow o hate Nate more and more. I never thought he would go as far as to threaten to shoot Maddy or himself for a disc. He then visits Jules and reassures her that all he told her when they talked was true. I’d like to say that I called a scene between them in my second to last “Catch Up With: Euphoria” article. So now I am going to keep saying what I think will happen. I think this season will end with Rue in rehab and Jules and Elliot together. I think Fez will be killed or be “enslaved” by the woman drug dealer to pay for Rue’s lost suitcase. Lexi will be hurt that Fez didn’t show up to her play and hold that against him for the rest of the season. Maddy will never love Nate again, and after she tells Cassie what he did, neither will she. Let’s see what I get right…