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Sam Macuare

Debating between mountain and beach vacations? Read below to decide!

Beach or mountain vacation?

May 6, 2022

Planning to go on a family trip and can’t decide between beach or mountains? You want the cool water but a nice hike at the end of the day. Well, read the two sides below and make your choice!

Mountain vacation


Sam Macuare

Mountains all the way! Nice family hike and later you can sit by the fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

As families choose summer vacation destinations, difficult decisions invariably arrive. Debates can spiral as family members present their cases for seemingly opposite itinerary’s. However, contentious as these conversations may be, one fact remains true: a mountain vacation is always better than a beachside one.  

One of the most obvious advantages the mountains have over the beach is climate. The most beautiful beaches are usually in or near the tropical latitudes, meaning during the summer, they’re oppressively hot. Although the seabreeze can sometimes mitigate this heat, it still doesn’t compare to the crisp high altitude mountain air. Furthermore, with their plentiful forests providing shade, mountain vactions also present a much smaller risk of sunburn than those at the beach.  

The natural beauty of mountains is also beyond compare. Rolling foothills lead to peaks nestled among the clouds. Some vantage points allow one to see miles in any direction, and at nightfall the sun dips beneath the Earth, painting the trees a golden pink hue. The flora and fauna of the mountains are their own draw. In some seasons, wildflowers blanket hills or line trails and songbirds chirp among the canopy.  

Beautiful as they may be, mountains aren’t just a place for relaxation. A vacation in the mountains provides countless options for activities including hiking, wildlife watching, ziplining, or rock climbing. More water-oriented people can even go whitewater rafting down an alpine stream or paddleboarding on a lake. With so many different choices available, a mountain vacation will never be a boring one.  

Although beaches can be beautiful and relaxing, they can’t compete with mountains for a vacation destination. Whether they’re the tree covered hills of the Appalachians in the East or the jagged peaks of the Rockies in the West, mountains provide the perfect backdrop for family fun and connecting with nature.  

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Beach vacation


Sam Macuare

Team beach is definitely the way to go. The breeze, the sand, the ocean what more could one want?

Living in Florida means sunshine and endless beach days. However, the school year is a very busy time, so it is difficult to take time and break away from your day-to-day schedule. During summer it is important to take that time to give yourself a mental health recharge and give your body and brain rest from the hectic year it has been. 

One of the best ways to spend summer is going on vacation to a tropical destination. Of course, other locations are beautiful to stay at, but nothing compares to the beach during June and July. There are many activities to participate in while lying on the warm sand or swimming in the water. Some ways to keep yourself occupied at the beach are tanning in the sun, surfing, swimming, playing sports, finding shells, having a picnic, reading, listening to music on the sand, or even taking pretty waterfront pictures.  

While the mountains are a great place to escape the hot weather and have an adventurous, snowy vacation experience. The beach is the most popular choice among vacation goers to spend the sunny months of summer. It is a tradition in some families to go to the same beach every year and maybe even stay at the same place as it was the years before that. A popular get- together idea with teens is renting a big house at the beach for all your friends to hang out in. Over the summer Instagram is packed with pictures from beach trips with friends and staying for some time, creating unforgettable memories.  

“The psychology of why we like beaches is definitely tied to the irresistible, all- around positive vibe that surrounds it,” Conquest Maps said. 

The beach will leave you sweltering on the hot sand, drenched in cool salty water in a matter of minutes. The sight of the beach is one of its main qualities. The suns sets at dusk shooting pastel colors through the sky, to the middle of the day with the water and sky are crystal blue, matching in comforting colors that leaves residents relaxed and calm.   

From activities that get your heart racing to listening to your favorite song on full blast, the beach is the right spot for you this summer. 

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