The student-run news site of H. B. Plant High School

PHS News

The student-run news site of H. B. Plant High School

PHS News

The student-run news site of H. B. Plant High School

PHS News





Can you tell this story chronologically? Does your story have a lot of significant dates? Are you covering an event Create an interactive Timeline Abortion laws in the US

Boys volleyball season recap

Eden Project

Does your story cover multiple locations Create an interactive map StoryMap California farming

Candy around the world

Does your article have data? Create an interactive graphic with Infogram OR Canva  Exploitation of college athletes (Infogram)

India battles Covid (Canva)

Does music play an important role in your article?  Embed an individual song or create a playlist using Spotify Taylor Swift album review

Music for finals week

Do you have audio from an event that would help tell the story? Did your source(s) sound especially passionate when they were talking? Embed audio clips or quotes with SoundCite or SoundCloud  Why students don’t have a voice (Soundcite)

Tree lighting (SoundCite)

Living through a revolution (Soundcloud)

Do you have many photos and/or video clips that you want to showcase in a new way? Create a digital flipbook with the Steller app OR create a digital slideshow with text and music in Adobe Spark  A day with the dogs (Steller)

Life after Lockdown (Spark)

Do you have a photo or graphic you can add information to? Or do you have multiple related photos you can combine into a collage and then add information to? Add text, sound, or video clips to a photograph to create an interactive image using Thinglink or Genially or Interactive Image Fifty fresh faces (Thinglink)

Stars show out for jersey retirement (Genially)

Student fashion shifts throughout Covid (Interactive Image)

Does your story discuss how someone or something changed over time? Do you have photos of it? Show a before and after or compare two related images with Juxtapose Class reunion

Celebrity lookalikes

Alumni Sweethearts

Do you have video footage from an event? Did you film an interview?  Post an unedited video clip OR edit a video easily with the Videolicious app (for short videos) or Adobe Spark Queen’s Ice Rink (raw footage)

Fall Conference (Videolicious)

A video about Spark made using Spark

Do you have a video with multiple related parts? Create an interactive video using Eko (formerly known as Interlude) What’s in your makeup bag?

Look into custodian’s life

Do you have multiple short video clips Create a GIF with Giphy or Gyfcat Behind the scenes: wrestling (Giphy)

Welcome back rally (Gyfcat)

Do you have a lot of related content you’d like to combine in a visual story? Try an Adobe Spark page, Carrd or Exposure  COVID-19 pandemic (Spark)

State of Democracy (Carrd)

Track and Field (Exposure)

Can you ask questions related to your topic? Create a quiz with Interact or EX.CO Non-traditional college path (Interact)

Which book are you (EX.CO)

Created by Louisa Avery as a DiY project for JEA Adviser Institute in July 2020 with resources from Julia Satterthwaite.

 Updated July 2021 with resources from Kari Koshiol.