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Andrew Garfield

May 10, 2022

The recent debate over which spider-man is better has been highly controversial in the past couple of weeks. It goes without saying that each actor is talented and unique in their own way portraying the role, however taking into consideration the character and movies as a whole, it is without a doubt that Andrew Garfield is the “better spider-man.”  

It’s inarguable to claim that Garfield exceeded the expectations regarding his acting abilities. He does an outstanding job showing his emotions while wearing the spider-man suit. Even though you cannot see any concern on his face due to the mask coving it up, Garfield’s body language conveys precisely what he is feeling. Furthermore, Garfield reveals this vulnerable, softer side around Gwen that illustrates the pain and growth he’s experiencing to the audience. On top of that, Garfield is, by far, the most confident and charismatic of the three spider-man actors. Not to mention his wits, he even created an overcurrent to overload Electro’s power, eventually causing him to explode into pure energy in the Amazing Spider-Man 2. And while Tom Holland and Maguire are not stupid by any means, it’s Garfield that has used his intelligence to take down villains more often (with the help of the incredible Gwen Stacy.)  

This leads me to the next topic, the remainder of the cast. As mentioned above, it’s incomparable which of the three love interest is superior. Gwen Stacy – played by Emma Stone – and Andrew Garfield had the best on-screen chemistry throughout the two movies. Gwen supported Peter and was never a burden while he was fighting, in fact, she constantly aided him. Unlike Mary Jane, Gwen loved Peter Parker; she fell in love with him and finding out he was spider-man didn’t change how she felt. Likewise, Garfield also shares the most intimate relationship with his Aunt May. In the Amazing Spider-Man 2, Garfield questions his father’s abandonment, exposing spider-mans close relationship with Aunt May. 

Although the other two spider-man series are astounding productions, there are some flaws in the storylines. Tom Holland never got an origin story; iron man just showed up at his door in Queens one day to recruit him to fight against Captain America. Also, Holland was outsmarted by Mysterio, an everyday human, who revealed Holland’s identity to the whole world. And it may be argued that Holland is the “strongest” of the three spider-man, even though it’s the Stark industry suit that gives him all his strength. In Maguire’s case, most people argue that he portrayed the best Perter Parker; however, he looked too old it was unrealistic for him to be in high school. Clearly Garfield looked just as old as Maguire, but he isn’t known for representing the most realistic Peter Parker, something many fans argue Maguire is.  

Maguire, Garfield and Holland are all incredibly talented actors, but in the end, to state the obvious, the film isn’t called “the amazing spider-man” by coincidence. 

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