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Tom Holland

May 10, 2022

Nowadays, the most controversial topic in society is undoubtedly the question of who is the best Spiderman. There is all of this nonsense about how “Tobey Maguire is the best Peter Parker, and Andrew Garfield is the best Spiderman,” however with this in mind, I would argue, along with many others in this world, that Tom Holland is the true winner being the best overall.

Now the reasons are extensive but first, let me start off by saying that there is a reason Tom Holland has been in the most movies (6) and undoubtedly had the most success. Tom Holland takes on the role of Spiderman and Peter Parker the most effectively, obviously because of his effortless charm, good looks, while also being able to protect New York and be the friendly neighborhood spiderman everyone knows and loves.

Holland’s movies display what Peter Parker is supposed to be, a shy, nerdy kid living in New York City living a double life taking on deadly villains such as Mysterio who wreaked havoc in “Far from Home.” Throughout all of these movies, despite Holland’s continuous loss, including his mentor, Tony Stark, his aunt and sole protector, Aunt May, and having everyone left in his life, including his first love MJ, forget him, he still would do anything to protect New York. Can the same be said for, oh I don’t know, Andrew Garfield? For a large chunk of his first movie, he spent all of his time and power seeking vengeance on his Uncle Ben’s killer.

Personally, I believe the best overall Spiderman would put his city and all of the people in it over his own heartbreak, and this is precisely what Holland does. While on the topic of the characters in Holland’s movies, the addition of this impeccable cast, Zendaya as MJ, Jacob Natalon as Ned (his best friend and sidekick) and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May all added to the complexity of Holland’s character. First of all, the development of his crush, and eventual love for Zendaya demonstrates Holland’s ability to play a nerdy high schooler who doesn’t have experience with love.

This displays a side not very well conveyed in Maguire and Garfield’s movies. Maguire was far too cold and quite honestly, old-looking and appearing to play a young teenager in love, which is necessary for all Spiderman movies. Additionally, with Garfield, he was seen as too suave and cocky to be what Peter Parker is supposed to encompass. There is the argument for that sentimental value that Maguire and Garfield have. Most people grew up knowing them as “their spidermen,” however, everyone knows the saying “save the best for last,” and clearly, this is the exact idea Sony and Marvel had when casting Tom Holland to play Spiderman.

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