Different Perspective

Paola Laborda, Photographer

Doubting, overthinking
The inner voices
I feared the unknown
As I looked through the window
All the green stood out, looking purely fresh
Making me feel alive
Making me think of the future
As one of my dearest friends would say: “Unaware of the expected, but expectant for what is to come”
A challenge
Walking miles and miles in the pouring rain
Salón Comunal leading us to meet each other
Getting to squeeze their faces, every day
Listening carefully to their stories
And constantly letting them know they are not alone in this
They carried a smile all over their face, no matter the circumstance
I laughed and cried
With the absence of many items, their presence was fulfilling
Each carrying something unique and different for the world to see
Being crumbled up in a small environment
With the ones who were once “strangers”
Becoming the closest friends
The details
Their generosity
Encouraged by their hospitality
Keeping us safe and warm
Making me feel home away from home
Cultivating a life of thankfulness
Bursting with Life
Left there my cup overflowing of so much joy
All I want to do is slow down and reminisce deeply
And thoroughly
Without forgetting how it felt to love and be loved by them
Time there was indescribable, leading to deal with the depths of discomfort
It led me to overthink
Quite a lot, actually
Getting uncomfortable with my own thoughts
Because I have never dealt with something similar
Experiencing the real and raw
It was precious and moving, to the say least
I closed my eyes often
From what seemed so negligible, had a major impact
It is heavy on my mind
Stage of life I do not want to slip away
Stumbling across old pictures
And cannot help but think how it encapsulates profoundly
There is a deeper meaning to it all
The world is full of brokenness
And I firmly believe it is our job to put it back together
It may not make sense, but it does to me
Learning it is okay to not be okay sometimes
Learning journaling your thoughts can be necessary for healing.
Learning that being vulnerable to yourself leads to growth.
Learning that deep pain indicates something of significance value.
In the process of learning.