AP exams stress students

Esme Yarnell , Staff Writer

AP exam weeks are a stressful time for almost all students and teachers. Most students and teachers are full of complaints about the exams causing problems with schedules and class work. With Plant being the number one high school in Florida for the most amount of AP exams given, theres no surprise that no one is happy about exam week. Teachers find it hard to assign students work and set due dates during exam week because you never know how much of a class will be present for each day. AP statistics teacher Mr. Jones says “Exam week is hard for teachers and students,”. There’s a lot of pressure put on students to pass their AP exams, some teachers even tell students not to show up for their exam if they aren’t going to try on it. Senior Ben Rowley said “I hate AP exams, they suck,”.Most students have a similar opinion to this. If you are a senior like Ben is trying to study for multiple exams in a span of two weeks it can be very stressful. It’s illogical to have huge tests worth college credit sometimes on the same day. Ben had to take AP environmental science and then AP psychology back to back. With all the complaints about exam week you would think that college board would try and create a more efficient schedule, but there is no sign that will be happening anytime soon, so it looks like we are just going to have to get used to it.