Change of ownership will benefit Dairy Joy customers


Jessie Larrinaga

The storefront of Dairy Joy is lit up so oncoming drivers will stop for a quick ice cream. After transferring ownership, the sign and menus were changed by Chris and Karrie Lynn Mueller.

Jessie Larrinaga, Staff Writer

Dairy Joy is an ice cream shop that has been in Tampa since 1958 but is now under new ownership. The new owners also own Xtreme Juice, an extremely popular smoothie and juice store on Swann Avenue 

While it is a bit sad to see a local business trade ownership, a place like Dairy Joy that has been around for so long would be a travesty to lose. As opposed to not being able to go there at all, a few changes certainly don’t negate my desire to go there. 

One of the great things about Dairy Joy is how affordable the ice cream is. I go there often with friends after a trip to the movies or on late nights driving around.  

The prices have increased slightly, but not by enough to be anywhere near as expensive as some other ice cream shops in Tampa that cost $67 for a small.  

The decorations are also much nicer since the change of ownership. A fresh coat of paint, new tables and an overall cleaner feel are just some of the improvements.  

Another positive change is that now, rather than just accepting cash and coins, they also take credit and debit cards. This can be extremely useful for people who don’t have any cash on hand at the time they go to the shop. 

Although there are many things that have improved, some things about the overall experience just don’t feel the same. Before the changes, heading over with a few friends was fun because it was quick and easy, and it was also usually pretty peaceful. 

Now, there’s usually a long line to the window, and half of the people there are adultswhen before it was frequented by a majority of high school students.  

Of course, these can also be seen as good thingsthey’re definitely signs that business has increased since the new owners made the improvements, but in some ways it’s sad that it will never be the same Dairy Joy.  

I would definitely recommend going to Dairy Joy to anyone who lives in Tampa, because it is a true local experience and one of the few places left that have been in Tampa for more than half a century.  

One comparison that accurately explains the Dairy Joy feeling is Goody Goody, because they both have the feeling of traveling back in time to a different era. Hopefully under this new ownership Dairy Joy will be able to retain the ageless charm it had before.  

Editor’s Note: Dairy Joy is an advertiser in the print edition.