Students review local breakfast-serving restaurants

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Students review local breakfast-serving restaurants

The atmosphere at First Watch is a relaxed environment. First Watch was founded in 1983 in California and has grown to over 200 locations. 

The atmosphere at First Watch is a relaxed environment. First Watch was founded in 1983 in California and has grown to over 200 locations. 

Isabella Ank

The atmosphere at First Watch is a relaxed environment. First Watch was founded in 1983 in California and has grown to over 200 locations. 

Isabella Ank

Isabella Ank

The atmosphere at First Watch is a relaxed environment. First Watch was founded in 1983 in California and has grown to over 200 locations. 

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Moxie’s Café 

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Tampa lies a homely, cozy café called Moxie’s. Though small, Moxie’s offers a diverse menu of sandwiches and coffees that are perfect for both breakfast and lunch.   

When entering Moxie’s, customers will first notice the welcoming atmosphere presented by the staff and a colorful mural. Patrons can also choose whether to sit outside or inside, which is always a plus.   

During my visit to Moxie’s, I tried the breakfast melt in a plain, NewYork-styled bagel. The melt consisted of a scrambled egg, cheese and bacon. For my drink, I had an iced vanilla latte and was also offered their signature mocha.   

The food was not just satisfying; it was a delicious way to start my Monday morning. All three of the bagel’s ingredients blended nicely together, with not one flavor overpowering the others.   

The iced vanilla latte was a perfect complement for the meal. In fact, this vanilla latte was one of the best I’ve ever had. Though I’ve tried many different lattes at many different places (it’s a guilty pleasure, yes, you can judge me), none have come close to achieving what Moxie’s has brewed.   

This refreshing drink’s sweetness is unparalleled by any rival, but it is not too sweet to the point where one may feel like they’re drinking a glass of sugar. Besides the flavor, the texture of the drink is smooth and thin. Personally, I prefer this thin texture over past, thicker textured coffees that can be overwhelming after the first few sips.   

In addition to the vanilla latte, I also tried their famous Moxie’s Mocha. This drink definitely lived up to its title as one of their signature coffees. Its presentation was made even better with a cute floral design in the foam.   

Moxie’s has all the elements to give its customers a pleasant visit, from great food to exceptional service. I highly recommend visiting this café to all coffee lovers and anyone who wants to start off their day right.  -Isabella Ank

First Watch 

First Watch has an excellent reputation for housing plenty of healthy breakfast food options, and while some dishes and aspects of service are well above average, others could only be described as subpar.   

When entering the restaurant, you are greeted with an interior that takes inspiration from the rustic-style farms from which First Watch’s produce is from. These include accents such as rusted metallic patterns, barn-door style walls and a giant seal which reads “farm fresh” near the kitchen. The decoration is very quaint, and yet still manages to feel like a professional setting.  

When it comes to waiting times at First Watch, timing is everything. The restaurant will usually be relatively empty before 12 pm, while the number of people waiting to be seated in the afternoon can vary from five to 20.   

Since I entered the restaurant at approximately 11:45, I was seated immediately. A detail of the restaurant’s service that is rather enjoyable is that a large mason jar of water is placed on the table for the consumers to pour themselves, instead of having to wave down their server whenever someone’s glass is empty. However, if the person eating tends to drink a lot of water, one mason jar might end up not being enough.   

At the time the restaurant was only half-full, but it took much longer than expected for the waitress to arrive at the table and ask about orders, along with bringing the water. The food was the only thing to arrive in an expected amount of time.  

The Florentine eggs benedict contains two poached eggs with spinach, avocado, tomato and hollandaise, all on top of toasted bread. The taste of the dish was fantastic, especially the hollandaise, but one of the eggs was overcooked and wasn’t as runny as it should’ve been. The bread was also slightly burnt but could be perceived as adding an extra crunch to the classic.  

The menu warns customers about how large the pancakes are, and they aren’t exaggerating. One pancake can be very filling for breakfast, and if two are ordered there will most likely be a to-go box in the near future 

The blueberry multigrain pancakes weren’t the best, with not as much flavor as expected. The taste was of an ordinary pancake, with the occasional hint of blueberries. There were definitely not enough blueberries for a pancake that size but it was still flavorful when including the heated syrup that was presented along with the pancake.   

The banana granola crunch multigrain pancake is, in my opinion, the best of the three dishes sampled. There is the taste of crunchy granola in every bite you take, but not enough to overpower the pancake. There are the perfect amount of banana slices in the pancake too, which are warmer than the actual pancake and create the sensation of melting in your mouth.   

The atmosphere of the restaurant can be seen as both casual and formal, which is great for having a casual breakfast with friends or a brunch with colleagues. The service was not the fastest or most attentive, and some of the dishes had slight errors which threw off the taste, but the ambiance is excellent. If you are not in a rush to eat and do not care about minor flaws in your meal but enjoy a relaxed eating environment, then I would recommend eating breakfast or brunch at First Watch. -Michelle Rincones-Rodriguez

The Brunchery  

The Brunchery is a brunch spot that has been open since 1985 on South MacDill Avenue. The atmosphere was cozy and welcoming, and the restaurant has many options for everyone, including gluten-free menus.  

The service was attentive, fast and kind. The waiters were patient while ordering food and made sure everyone was satisfied.   

The food was delicious, and their chocolate milk is wonderful. You never knew you needed it until you have had it. It has whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on the top, and when mixed, it tastes so good.  

The gluten-free options were also amazing especially if you are intolerant to gluten. My family members loved the gluten-free pancakes. Their menu has something for everyone; from parfaits and sandwiches to pancake and waffles, they have it all including lunch items. 

The signature French toast was amazing; the cream cheese and banana mixture with the French toast was the perfect mix. Also, the biscuits and sausage gravy were pure perfection, and it’s my family’s and my favorite item on the menu. It was the best I’ve ever had. The bacon was a little crispy, but I bet if I told the waiter I wanted better bacon, I think she would’ve given me new bacon.   

I would say I was there for a good hour, and they were so attentive. It was fast service but after Sunday church it is a bit more crowded. Overall, The Brunchery is underrated, and I think more people need to go there because the food and service are phenomenal. I would say it beats all brunch locations in Tampa because of their cozy environment, lots of menu options for everyone, and amazing food and service. – Jordyn Lutz

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