Brotherhood sisterhood week showcases performances

Carol Kornworcel, News Editor

The Student Advisory Council had their annual Brotherhood Sisterhood Week lunch performances on April 10 and 11 during all three lunches on the main patio. 

“Brotherhood Sisterhood week is an event that unites our student body through the diversity of talent at our school, which aids in SAC’s mission to cultivate a student body that finds strength through diversity,” senior and club president Lena Diasti said. “This event allows for our student body to support individuals who find the courage to share their talent with their peers knowing that they will have people they never met cheering their name, waving their hands, and even singing the songs along with them.” 

Performances like singing, dancing and drumline were seen throughout the lunches. Sophomore Leila Dennis performed the song “You Say” by Lauren Daigle.

“The song is really inspirational and talks a lot about how I feel and how other people feel, so I felt it would be appropriate to sing for this occasion because of Brotherhood Sisterhood Week being about diversity and similarities,” Dennis said. 

Spanish teacher and SAC sponsor Jannette Vega organized multicultural day, which was in conjunction with Brotherhood Sisterhood Week. This was her first year organizing such events. 

“I believe that community is key to a good environment for living and learning,” Vega said. “We all spend a large number of hours in school. This week is meant to showcase the talents of our students, to have people relax during lunch while enjoying the entertainment, friends and our beautiful weather.” 

The step team also made an appearance, performing some of their latest routines. Senior and step team participant Abigail Blake performed during all the lunch periods with the rest of the team. Her main goal was “to remember everything while making sure everyone had a great time”. 

“I feel like us performing can be a change for diversity and innovative, while bringing something new to Plant High School,” Blake said.