Elon Musk releases senseless rap song

Jordyn Lutz, Staff Writer

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Elon Musk creates rap about Harmabe the late Gorilla. He created this rap for 2019 April Fools. Used with Permission: Flickr

As everyone knows, Elon Musk is the intelligent man behind SpaceX and Tesla. He has made his appearance online a lot recently, such as in the “Meme Review” hosted by PewDiePie.  

For April Fools, he decided to make a Harambe the Gorilla rap filled with autotune. Harambe was a gorilla at the Cincinatti Zoo that was shot down when a 3-year-old boy fell into his enclosure. Harambe became a big meme of 2016.  

Elon Musk created a SoundCloud, Emo G Records and his song, “RIP Harambe.” At first, people thought it was real, but then many realized it was released on April Fools. However, people still went crazy, and the reviews were endless.  

In his rap, he talks about how much he misses Harambe and pays tribute to the gorilla. It was cheesy and childish, but at first it took people off guard, making them believe it was real.  

The rap started with a techno type beatand then he started to rap. He tried his best to find words that rhyme with Harambe. Musk attempts to do a satisfactory rhyme job, and you can tell he went to a music studio. 

It’s funny because he is so rich that he can create his own record label company to produce this song. Musk is a smart guy. It was a great April Fools prank that no one saw coming.  

In my opinion, the song was repetitive and cheap sounding. It sounded like the lyrics were created using a rhyme generator. I think this song is only funny and good to hear one time. It gets annoying hearing it more than once. 

It’s worth a onetime listen if you don’t get annoyed with repetitive lyrics and mediocre beat. 

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