Freshmen create knitting group

Jordyn Lutz, Staff Writer

Mina Michalowski
The knitting club is working on becoming a club. Some have been knitting for years. Their knitting expertise provides more to the club.

The process of creating a club includes going to the main office, getting a form to fill out and even joining an official waiting list. But despite the long process, two freshmen, Gabriel Moore and Shannan Adams, are working on creating a new club, the Knitting Club. They applied in October and plan to be official next school year.  

“Me and her became friendsand I found out she knew how to knit,” Moore said. I’ve always wanted to knit, so I went to her house, and she taught me how to knit.”  

Adams and Moore were both inspired to create a club after Moore’s sister suggested the idea to them. Since they are on the waiting list to be an official school club, they must wait to do a lot, but the girls already have a group chat for the club.  

Fifteen-twenty people are in it,” Adams said. “We are trying to get more people in it and to meet up after school.”  

A lot of people interested in the club are new to knitting. Most interested people in the club are freshmen, with some sophomores, and one or two juniors. Both Moore and Adams have already learned many things since beginning the process. 

It taught me how to go through the process of making something and listen to other people’s ideas,” Moore said. 

They plan on creating more meetings in the summertime and throughout next school year, and to create many knitted creations. When the club is approved, they plan on taking it to the next step. Adams has also even recognized the historical importance of knitting. 

 “I think people should knit because it creates this connection to the yarn and people have been knitting for thousands of years,” Adams said. “It kind of connects to the past, and it’s also just really relaxing.”  

They are open to anyone and are excited to welcome new members for the potential club in the upcoming school year. They believe knitting can also help to relieve stress for anyone willing to try it out. 

“We are so used to having stuff in our hands,” Adams said. “We go to our phonesso I feel if we are taking the focus off of our phones, we still need something to do with our hands. And that’s kitting.” 

Senior Mina Michalowski said the meetings they have had so far have been focused on teaching others and socializing, even though the club has not seen a day at school yet. 

“I’m most excited to be able to teach more people, I think a lot of people are interested but either can’t learn by watching online or don’t know where to start,” Said Michalowski, “I was able to teach myself but most people can’t do that alone.”