Seniors attend college informational night

Samantha Macuare, Staffer

Parents and seniors listen as Plant’s college counselors and representatives of several Florida colleges speak at senior night on August 23. The event is hosted annually to supply seniors with information about the college application process. Photo by Samantha Macuare

Hundreds of seniors and parents attended senior night on Thursday, August 23 to learn about the college application process.  

“A lot of stuff I didn’t think I wouldn’t know was also answered,” senior Eric Zhao said, who plans on going to University of Florida, said. 

Senior night is held at the end of August every year to answer students and parents’ concerns and questions about the college application process. The schools college counselor Lauren Moseley hosts the event yearly to try and ease students’ stress about college. 

“It’s all going to be okay… it’s all going to work out even though this process can seem really stressful,” Moseley said. “It all works out and you end up being where you’re supposed to be.”