Athlete of the week: C.C. Sampera

Samantha Macuare, Staffer

Q: “How did you get started playing your sport? How long have you been playing?”

A: “I started when I was 12 because all of my friends were playing, so I just decided to leave softball and start playing volleyball.”

Q: “What is your favorite part or aspect of the sport?”

A: “This year, my favorite part is the team. I just love the team I play with and all the girls. We’re all super close.”

Q: “How has the sport shaped you into who you are today?”

A: “I would say it just helps me work well with others and I have people to rely on now, so if I ever have a problem, I can just go to them.”

Q: “What is the most important thing you have learned from playing the sport?”

A: “Just working well with others, just like teamwork in general.”

Q: “What is one of your favorite memories from playing the sport?”

A: “State finals last year for Plant Volleyball. We drove all together in a bus and it was just really nice to hang out with them that whole time and obviously it was the seniors last time playing so it was just really fun.”

Q: “How far do you want to take the sport?”

A: “After this year, I’m done playing volleyball. I don’t want to play in college or anything because I want to focus on school more.”

Q: “Who is your inspiration is it a coach, teammate, or professional athlete?”

A: “Last year it was Cameron Vogler, this year its Birdie Frierson, just the way they act on the court and towards people.”

Q: “What are you most excited for this season?”

A: “Hopefully getting the state final’s ring and winning this year.”