Danceros host annual Performance Camp fundraiser

Michelle Tutor, Managing Editor

Danceros taught over 150 children foundational ballet techniques coupled with a dance the participants performed in front of their parents at the annual day camp, Sept22 in the gym. 

“We do this [fundraiser] and an end of the year showcase, but this is our biggest one,” coach Eric Vance said. “[It’s] where we invite all the girls of our community to come out and dance with our amazing Plant High Danceros and learn something and hopefully continue their awesomeness in the dancing world.” 

The camp included six stations for various activities, ranging from learning specific sections of the dance to snack/team building games to learning how to do leaps and cadences 

“I taught the cadences which was fun because that is what we will do at the game with the poms, which all of the girls like,” senior Libby Carter said. “I love seeing the returning girls because the camp is the only time I see them, but we all remember each other, and they are all super sweet.” 

The age range of attendees was from kindergarten to eighth grade. Senior Sydney Tindall taught the second graders the dance while she was at the specific teaching station.  

“I realized how patient teachers have to be and how rewarding it is to see the growth even if it’s just in one day,” Tindall said. “The dancers were very cute, and it was fun to help them.” 

The junior Danceros were put in charge of the event. They created the dance choreography and chose the accompanying background musicHannah Montana’s Let’s Get Crazy.” 

“To prep for the day camp the juniors met with coach and created a layout of the day as well as assign Danceros to campers,” junior Lauren Jones said. “All Danceros had a specific role in making the camp smooth running.” 

Senior Sydney Cox has participated in the fundraiser all four years of high school.   

“Compared to previous ones, I felt that this year was more organized, and we were even more prepared because we know there were going to be the most girls we ever had,” Cox said. “It is bittersweet that it’s my last one because I love seeing all the little girls and how they look up to us as their role models.”