Trends to fall for


Nicole Prus, Online Editor

Cozy sweaters are a trend every fall season. Fall sweaters have appeared in different colors and styles every year. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Finally, fall is approaching with chilly winds that will send a shiver up your spine. This is a sign that it is time to go shopping for warmer clothes that are sought after this season.  

 Florida is still usually warm during the fall season, but the mornings can still be cold and classroom temperatures are often freezing. So, despite the warm temperatures, it is still worth buying cozy sweaters for comfort.  

Oversized knit cardigans are must-have outerwear because they are soft and very comfortable to wear. The cardigan can either be dressed up for a put-together stylish look or be used for a casual look.  

Another idea to implement the cardigan trend is to pair it with a white cropped t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans. Don’t forget to add a stylish black leather crossbody purse to store your phone and black oversized sunglasses to block the sun.  

Neon colored button up sweaters are the perfect clothing items to wear if you are nostalgic for summer. The bright vivid color will brighten any mood on a chilly fall day.  

Wear the neon sweater buttoned up with and then add some white skinny jeans to make the neon color pop. For accessories, add gold hoop earrings to create a bold and trendy look.  

Are you bored with wearing a black hair tie every day? If you are, then adding some barrettes and hair clips to your lovely locks wilspice up your look. This look will be a hit and replace the overdone trend of scrunchies. 

Pearl barrettes are going to be the preppy girl’s favorite accessory. 

Hair scarves are another accessory that will appear in everyone’s hair this fall. This trend is great if you want to dress up a casual outfit. 

This season’s fall clothing will make people so obsessed that they will wear it to fun fall events like bonfires, apple-picking and haunted hayrides.