Top ten things to do as a senior on PSAT day

A completely genuine and serious article

Graham Hill, Editor-in-Chief

The PSAT will be administered to all freshmen, sophomores and juniors on Wednesday, Oct. 16. Due to the augmented schedule for the day, seniors are not required to come for a majority of the day and are often called out for the final few periods, which rarely have work assigned anyway. 

This article seeks to compile the best possible ways to use this extra day, without a hint of sarcasm or irony in the slightest.  


#10 Work on college applications 

With the majority of early programs due imminently, and other deadlines fast approaching, this day provides the perfect opportunity to make a final push on the college application front and get the issue entirely behind you. This also ties in with the next item on this list.  


#9 Stress out about college applications approximately half an hour after beginning to work on them 

While the crushing weight of college applications has been pressing on us all for months, slowly forcing us into the ground, suffocating and burying us until we are little more than dust and memories, nothing brings that dread to the fore quite like actually working on college applications.  


#8: Come to school  

Why not? Life is nothing more than a meaningless frivolity that is without meaning beyond that which we give it. When faced with the cold and uncaring void of the infinite universe and its lack of clear design for us, conclusions can be nihilistic and absurd. And nothing so clearly embodies these ideals that our universe has enshrined as paramount than showing up to school when you don’t have to and sitting in a room.  

Of course, going to school and sitting in a room you don’t especially want to be in is fundamental to the education system, so, in a way, it is the ultimate revolution against such a system to come to school on PSAT day. 

Or just don’t, nothing interesting will be going on.  


#7 Make up all the work you’ve been procrastinating due to early-onset senioritis 

Senioritis, of course, is the inevitable fate of all members of the class of 2020, but for some, this may have kicked in earlier than others. A nice gap day in the middle of the week provides an opportunity to get some work done and prepare to face the second quarter as best you can.  


#6 Procrastinate #7 

However, it must be noted that, instead of doing work, not doing work is also a viable option and has several well-known proponents, usually your friends who want to update you on how their Tik Tok empire is growing. And they do make a very compelling case, so I’m sure we can just leave that work for later. Don’t worry about it.  


#5 Binge watch your favorite shows before they leave Netflix 

Some beloved programs like “The Office” and “Friends” will be leaving Netflix come January, as the streaming service wars escalate and every company wants their own exclusive service to stream their content.  

In addition to the superficial entertainment these shows provide, nothing can compare to the indescribable sensation when the screen goes dark between episodes and you see, on your blank and grease-stained monitor, a sad reflection that you don’t even recognize anymore.  

Plus, Netflix’s “Are you still watching?” messages after hours of activity shows that someone out there cares about you.  


#4 Invest some time in extracurricular work 

For anyone involved extensively in activities outside of school, PSAT day may look rather similar to any other day, but just replace the school portion of it with work for these clubs and organizations. Planning a service activity, getting out tap cards, designing club shirts or updating your clubs social media: all of these are things you can busy yourself with during your one-day leave.  


#3 Use the free time to research current events 

Then, after the most cursory of glances, decide things aren’t looking too hot and develop a more complex view of Ellen DeGeneres than you previously had. Probably best to not check Twitter.  


#2 Get together with friends 


While an obvious addition, an extra day out of school is a good chance to finally use free time for personal enjoyment, rather than working on some of the aforementioned suggestions (looking at you, #10). Get lunch, listen to music, go to the movies. Do whatever you want and just have a good day.  


#1: Be glad standardized tests are behind you 

Nothing serves as a reminder of how terrible standardized tests were quite like knowing the other three grades will be spending their day on one such exhausting and soul-sucking test. Best of luck to them, but for seniors, all we can do is kick back, relax and be glad you don’t have any more standardized tests in the immediate future.  

(Photos feature Alexis Perno and Graham Hill, taken by Michelle Tutor)