Athlete of the week: Max Smith

Jessie Larrinaga, Social Media Manager

Swimming breaststroke, senior Max Smith participates in the Spike and Splash meet Wednesday Oct. 5 at the Academy of the Holy Names . Smith hopes to continue swimming until college, and says that it has helped shape him into a better person.

QHow did you start swimming? 

AI started when I was like 10, and then I really started actually swimming when I was around 12, and I just kept at it. Now I really enjoy doing it. 

QWhat is your favorite aspect of swimming? 

AI’d say probably spending time with my friends and my team, and not doing homework, because whenever I’m at swim I’m having fun. 

QHow has swimming shaped you into who you are today? 

ALike I said, it kind of is like where my friends are. It’s also shaped me into being a more responsible person, having better time management and a better overall person really. 

QWhat is the most important thing you’ve learned from swimming? 

ATo not give up. It’s taught me to persevere and keep trying harder. 

Q: “Do you plan on continuing to do swimming until college? 

AYeah, I want to take it to the college level. I’m hoping to keep doing it at least until then, and after that I’m not sure if I’ll continue or not. 

QIs there anyone who inspires you? 

AMy coach, Royceis my inspiration, because he’s always there for me and he’s super nice and makes me want to try harder and do better.  

QWhat are your hopes for this season? 

AI’m excited for States. I’m excited to swim well, and I’m hoping that we’ll break some school records.