Post Malone delivers a showstopping performance

Nicole Prus, Online Editor

Singing in Tampa, Post Malone performs his new album “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. He released his third album on Sept 6, 2019. Photo by Nicole Prus.

On Thursday, Oct. 24, Post Malone performed his new album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” in Tampa. The album contains 17 songs; however, not all of the songs were performed by him.   

His songs deserve a standing ovation for his lyrics that are very relatable to real life. Also, the songs did not all sound the same which makes him unique compared to other artists. 

The songs he sang from his new album were “Hollywood’s Bleeding”, “Saint-Tropez”, “Allergic,” “Enemies,” “Die For Me,” “Take What You Want,” “Sunflower and “Goodbyes.”   

He also sang songs from his previous albums, which the songs were “Paranoid,” “Rockstar,” “Psycho,” “Stay,” “Candy Paint,” “White Iverson,” “I Fall Apart,” “Go Flex and “Congratulations.”   

He had two rappers open the concert for him, Tyla Yaweh and Swae Lee.  

The best song Tyla sang was “High Right Now.” The beat of the song was very chill and soft, but when he sang songs that were faster paced, he had amazing stage presence. He would jump up and down a lot to pump up the crowd.   

Then after he was done, Swae Lee performed next. His best songs he sang were “No Type” and “Unforgettable.” His voice is very soothing, and his songs are upbeat. He had the best stage presence compared to all the other performers. His dancing had rhythm and was very natural.  

After his performance, Post Malone came on and was standing in a rectangular box surrounded by smoke. The special effects of the concert were spectacular. There were tons of flashing beam lights, smoke, flames and big screens that showed graphics to go with the song being sung.   

His voice sounded exactly like his albums on Spotify. He has such a unique voice that he can make sound different in a couple of his songs. Some of his songs are more upbeat and would hype the crowd up, while some of his other songs are slower because he would sing about sad subjects like heartbreak.  

For his song “Stay,” he played the guitar, which wowed and shocked me because I thought he only could sing. Also, during his song “Rockstar,” he smashed a guitar, which made the crowd’s noise grow louder. 

His stage presence is not that impressive, though. He stood often and did not move around that much. You could tell he cannot dance because he has no rhythm.   

Post Malone’s concert was the best rap concert I have ever been to, and I am certain I will be at his next concert. I recommend seeing him on tour to listen to his talented voice as well as the voices of the other rappers.