Going up the Mountain

Adele Cassidy accepts Sewanee University's offer

Samantha Macuare, Staffer

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Kate Bernstein
Getting in position senior Adele Cassidy, plays as a libero, defensive specialist. Adele has been playing volleyball for four years .

One of Plant’s volleyball players, Adele Cassidy, accepted an offer to Sewanee University Oct. 8, and formally signed Nov. 13. Cassidy has been playing Plant volleyball for four years and made varsity her sophomore year. 

“My favorite thing about volleyball is the excitement each rally pertains along with the high level of competition and thrill.” Cassidy said. “I also love all my teammates.” 

Sewanee, The University of the South, is a private Episcopalian liberal arts school in Tennessee that prides themselves on inclusivity and Cassidy has always had an eye out for the Tigers. 

“My dad went to Sewanee, so it has always been a school I was interested in and was looking forward to visiting, Cassidy said.  

Cassidy’s senior year has so far been filled with practice, school, and winning games. However, Adele is really looking forward to her new college experiences and to making new memories. 

“I am most excited for being a part of this team while also getting to enjoy college life and I am really looking forward to getting to be closer to some of my other family and have them attend my games,” Cassidy said.  

Even though Adele always had Sewanee in her mind she wasn’t always sure that Sewanee had her in mind. 

“I was extremely shocked and was not expecting it, but I was very excited because I knew it was the right school for me, Cassidy said.