Racing to lend a hand

Students participate in cancer fundraiser

Kate Bernstein, Staffer

Cross Out Cancer organized a 5k race Nov. 16 at Picnic Island Park to raise money for Johns Hopkins All Children’s hospital.  

Students participated in a variety of ways, from volunteering to competing in the race, as well as serving on the fundraiser’s board. Senior Tristan Van Horn, a member of the board, emphasized the importance of supporting those affected by cancer. 

“The event is super important to me,” Van Horn said. “Being able to help out families that are affected by cancer is a thing that everyone should strive to doHearing from one of the doctors talk about a specific family that has benefited from our donations is really special and shows just how much we can help.” 

Student volunteers arrived at 8 a.m. to help set up for the event. One volunteer and board member, senior Elizabeth Eudaly, found personal significance in the effort produced by Cross Out Cancer. 

“Cross Out Cancer has been an amazing way to fight pediatric cancer,” Eudaly said. “Having had a brother with a brain tumor, this cause hits really close to home and so I love being able to serve those in need at Johns Hopkins.” 

Members of the girls’ cross-country team collectively took part in the race. Cross country team member and sophomore Maggie Malizia not only appreciates the charitable work done, but also the community she’s found through her participation in the event.  

“I think it’s a great community and for a great cause and it’s fun being out there with your friends,” Malizia said. “It’s not exactly about the race, it’s just being out there for the purpose.” 

Students not directly involved with cross country also had the opportunity to engage in the fundraiser. Senior Joel Brown, who ran in the 5k, set out to aid those in the fight to end cancer. 

“It was important to me because I’ve had family members that have been in fights with cancer,” said Brown. I felt like it was a good thing to help support… [fundraising against] cancer.” 

The event raised more than $83,000, all of which will be going directly to the families of Johns Hopkins patients. The money will fund different amenities, from house and car payments to grocery bills. Senior Alix Rubin, an executive board member, enjoyed seeing her and other organizers’ work pay off.  

“It’s a culmination of all of our hard work,” Rubin said. “It’s really fun to see the big turnout and the final number that we’re going to end up presenting to Johns Hopkins.”