Out with the old, in with the new

Nicole Prus, Online Editor

Nicole Prus
Thrift stores carry many wonderful timeless clothing pieces for reasonable prices. This floral skirt featured above was purchased from the thrift store Avalon in Savannah, Georgia originally from Banana Republic.

Recently, thrift stores are increasing in popularity, and with good reason. There is an endless number of reasons why people should switch from shopping at the mall.   

Malls charge outrageously high prices for designer clothing which most of the time are made in China and are made from the cheapest fabrics. Back in the day clothing items were made in a meticulous matter and hand stitched 

There are still hand-sewn clothes, but those clothes are usually custom-made, which costs a fortune. Now, most clothes are mass-produced in factories.   

But with thrift stores, one can find clothing made with high-quality fabrics and hand stitching for a low price.   

Truth be told, thrift shop shopping can be a hit or miss. It is best to go in with an open mind instead of coming in with expectations of finding specific items because there is a chance of disappointment when those items may not be found.   

A lot of the times vintage designer clothing arrives in stock at thrift stores for an affordable price, which is a major benefit.   

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Another great benefit of buying clothes from a thrift store is no one will have the same outfit you’re wearing. Thrift store clothes provide a great opportunity to look unique and original.  

For the DIY queens out there, thrift stores contain varietof clothes that can be upcycled into something completely new. Fabric stores charge a lot of money for not a lot of fabricso shopping at a thrift store is better due to its unbeatable prices.  

An amazing thrift store called Avalon, which has several locations in the U.S., is opening a new store in Tampa this fall. Avalon is such a great store because they sell trendy clothes at affordable prices that look brand new even though they already have been worn.   

Another thing to keep in mind is to follow them on their Instagramwhere they post preview pictures of clothing items that Avalon bought from sellers that later will soon be sold. It is a great way to keep track of what designer clothing pieces will be available to buy at Avalon.   

Once you start shopping at thrift stores, they won’t want to go back to shopping at an overrated and overpriced mall. 

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