Back on the court

Samantha Macuare, Staffer

After months of practicing, the varsity basketball team finally hit the court on Tuesday, Dec. 3 for their first game of the season.   

“It went pretty well,” senior Izzy Shein said. There’s still more for us to work on but it was good to start the season off with a win. We were best at working together and coming together at the end to get a win, but we can work harder on having more energy.” 

The Panthers started of the game by winning the coin toss and ended it by defeating their opponent, the Plant City raiders, 53-44. 

“Honestly, we should’ve beat that team by 30 but it was our first game, so first game jitters, but we are going to come back on Friday and do way better and just come back stronger,” senior Robbie Peek said.