Abstract Adult Swim original blows minds

Riley Schofner, Webmaster

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Riley Schofner
“Xavier: Renegade Angel” has two seasons, each with 10 episodes, each 11 minutes long. The show was released on late nights on Adult Swim, a branch of Cartoon Network. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Xavier: Renegade Angel is one of the best television shows I have ever seen in my entire life. Every single aspect of the show is perfect: the humor, the wit, the animation, the music, the runtime and even the show’s rewatchable content. 

The show follows an animal-human shaman searching for his true meaning and place within the world. However, almost all the conflicts in the show are caused by Xavier, simply due to his utter stupidity.  

The 11-minute episodes are avenues to have Xavier, voiced by Vernon Chatman, ramble about some inane guru concept and take some unfortunate civilian on a spiritual journey that destroys most of their life.  

The show seems to be very simple on the surface. However, beyond the funny voices and graphic scenes, the show has many levels of humor and depth that can only be understood with multiple viewings.  

But underneath the first layer adds so many pieces of an intelligent masterpiece filled with wordplay, puns, jokes and lowbrow humor masked as highbrow and vice versa.  

The artform is choppy 3-D models that look straight from second life, but their unnecessary uncanny add to another level of ironic humor that numbs and stimulates your brain simultaneously.  

Humor is often hard to review as there are only so many ways to call something funny, but Xavier manages to capture a meme generation of both pseudointellectual arrogant fools and stupid funny cat pictures on Facebook. 

Think of the show as an abstract painting that you could crawl into. It’s very pretty and hard to understand, but the longer you stare at it, the more meaning you gain from the piece. You might even get something from the work that isn’t even there.  

I cannot recommend X:RA more than enough. The show is on adult swim, and most the episodes are free on Youtube. You don’t just watch Xavier: Renegade Angel, you ascend.