How to release your inner DIY queen

Nicole Prus, Online Editor

Nicole Prus
DIY clothes are inexpensive and not very hard to make. YouTube and Pinterest have been excellent sources for clothing DIY inspiration. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Are you bored with buying readytowear clothing from stores? If you said yes, then consider doing clothing that you can do it yourself. 

The reason why you should do DIYs is that they make clothes original. 

If you see a trend you really love in a magazine, but it costs way too much money, then here is where you come in and DIY the trend. It is not worth overspending on a trend unless it will never go out of style. 

Also, sometimes it can be cheaper to do clothing DIYs because most stores overcharge for clothing even though it cost them barely any money to produce. 

Just head to a thrift store and Michael’s to gather materials to create gorgeous clothing that will earn compliments.  

The process of making DIYs can really relax you if you are feeling stressed or it can be a fun way to just boost your creativity. 

The first clothing DIY idea will require a plain white t-shirt, transfer paper, clothing iron and a printed shirt graphic. This idea gives anyone the freedom to put anything on a shirt. You can print out your favorite designer logo, sports logo, tv show, singer etc.  

Once you print out your graphic on transfer paper you can iron it on the shirt. It really is as simple as that.  

Another DIY that should be tried out is the denim jacket with patches. All you need is a denim jacket and as many iron-on patches you desire. This DIY is so easy to do and cool because you can choose patches based on all the places you have traveled to so you can remember them. 

If you are a Disney lover than you can put Disney patches of your favorite characters on a denim jacket. 

The last DIY idea to try is to paint whatever you want on your back pocket of denim jeans. Some design ideas to try are a sunflower, words, stars and mountains etc. 

All these low-cost DIYs do not require a needle or sewing machine. They do not take a lot of time to complete and they make you look unique in a fashionable way. 

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