Marine Monday, Marine Funday

Marine Science Club hosts event

Izzy Antilla, Staffer

Izzy Antilla
Logging into play JackBox games, junior Toni Keene and members of the Marine Science club enjoy spending time with their fellow members. Keene joined the club two years ago out of her love for animals and interest in marine science.

Laughing, talking and playing triviastyle Jackbox games, members of the Marine Science club took part in Marine Monday, a regular event for the club. The meeting was held on Monday, Nov. 18 and is one way the members of the club talk to one another about future events.   

“I love getting to learn about marine life and do multiple field trips and hands-on activities that get me more involved in marine life,” sophomore Allison Bryant said. “We do Marine Mondays, which are a lot of fun. It’s not that far into the year where we’ve done like field trips, but we have one Friday, which will be a lot of fun.”   

The club sparked from student interest four years ago, and the sponsor, marine science teacher Andria Keene, supported the students by assisting with event planning and group meetings. Keene currently organizes events like coastal cleanups, the Rocks conference (an event held at the Florida Aquarium)kayaking and figure skating.   

“I think it is important that the students know what they do in their backyards affect the ocean,” Keene said. “And learning some ways, they help make things better.”  

The club also offers educational opportunities regarding the oceans and see life, an especially enticing component according to freshman Hailey Rickels. Rickles joined the club this year because of her interest in marine science and the opportunity to see and make new friends.   

 “I decided to join because I liked marine science,” Rickles said. “My favorite part is to see my friends and I look forward to learning more about fish.”  

Co-president and senior Mary Buscher said she enjoys the community, which helps her to meet new like-minded individuals in the club. While learning about and making community service efforts, members learn how to communicate with others and work in a team.  

“I really enjoy connecting with a lot of other people who are interested in the same stuff as me, Buscher said. “I’ve learned a whole lot about communicating with other people because it’s kind of hard to find a lot of other people who also want to help conserve the environment.”  

Through social media posts to show users future events and activities, the Marine science club has made efforts in reaching out to other students and connecting with a larger group of people in the current year. Club leaders spread their message by focusing on the shared goal of creating an environment to help animals and their habitats.  

“I think it is really about our future and telling kids that like this is what matters,” co-president and junior Toni Keene said. “Not how your hair looks or what car you drive but looking forward and helping out the animals in our environment.”