Orchestra attends All State

Kate Bernstein, Staffer

Hugging each other, senior Eve Larkin and sophomore William Mathangani stand outside the Tampa convention center. Larkin placed 12th chair for first violin at all state and Mathangani placed eighth chair for viola.

Eve Larkin (12) 

Q: Can you describe your experience at the All State competition? 

A: It was definitely something that I haven’t really experienced before, just like the level of playing. All of the people there were really focused, really determined just to make music. It was a really fun experience.  

Q: What was the easiest part for you? 

A: Surprisingly it was making new friends because I am not the social type, but everyone there was really similar and we all got along so wellI have a bunch of new friends from it now. 

Q: What would you say was the hardest part for you? 

A: Learning the music itself was difficult; the 17-hour rehearsals were not great. I mean, in the end it was all worth it. 

Q: How did you feel going into the competition? 

A: I was so nervous because I’ve never made All State before so going inI was just like ‘I don’t know if I’m good enough, if I should even be here,’ but once the audition for reseating was over, everything was totally fine. 

Q: How did you feel coming out of it? 

A: I honestly feel like I’ve become a better player, a better person overall. I was definitely less nervous and felt a little bit more confident in myself. 

Q: What did you learn and how do you think you can apply it in the future? 

A: I learned a lot more of overall group techniques and different ways to think about music, and I can apply that to every other orchestra that I’m in.  

Q: Why was this important to you? 

A: Well I’ve been playing violin since I was very small, maybe 12 years now. It’s the first time I’ve ever made All State which is a really big deal to me. I’ve been trying for so many years. Yeah, it was definitely worth it 


William Mathagani (10) 

Q: Can you describe your experience at All State? 

A: Everyone at All State was really good, and it’s just an honor to be in the orchestra because you know that the work ethic in the orchestra is just so much more than it is in a school orchestra.  

Q: What was the easiest part for you? 

A: The easiest part was after the first day because the first day was the seating audition. It’s really stressful, but then it’s just relaxing from there because then you just get to play.  

Q: How did you feel going into it? 

A: Stressed, but I also felt ready because I’ve been here in the Plant orchestra and needed a change.  

Q: How did you feel coming out of it? 

A: Sad because it was over. It was only, like, three days, but it was fun and I hope to do it again next year.  

Q: What did you learn that you can apply in the future? 

A: I learned that there are going to be a lot of people that are better than me and I can’t let that get to me or else I’m going to have a rough future.  

Q: Why is this important to you? 

A: This is important to me because I want music to be in my future, and so doing stuff like this really gets me into music, and it’s just fun and competitive.