Valentine’s Day Pro-Con

February 13, 2020

Valentine’s Day: a lame excuse to spread love

Nicole Prus
Whether you’re single or taken, Valentine’s Day is pointless to celebrate. People should just do whatever makes them happy on that day not what companies and movies promote them to do. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.



Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a holiday filled with love, but instead it is a day filled with stress and pressure trying to impress your significant other. This holiday sets an expectation for people to prove to others how much they love them. Why can’t you prove how much you love someone on any day of the year?  

Valentine’s Day is a consumerism trap. Many companies promote to consumers that the more you spend on a person the more they will love you. That is awful advice to follow.  

People should love you for you, not for your gifts. If they love you only for the expensive presents you give them then that just shows that they are materialistic. Materialism is very unattractive quality when choosing a significant other.  

It makes no sense that you have buy your girlfriend/boyfriend chocolates and flowers on Feb. 14. Why can’t you buy flowers for them on any day of the year to cheer them up and show that you’re thinking about them? 

It’s unsettling to see people obsess over making this day so special for their significant other. People stress over finding the perfect romantic restaurant, gift etc. They plan everything to the last detail. The only thing that should matter is the company you provide for each other. 

This holiday can be miserable for people who are single. Single people can’t escape from seeing couples kissing, holding hands and hugging everywhere they go on this day.  

However, single people could to choose to hide at home and watch Netflix until the day is finally over to distract themselves of their feelings of loneliness.  

This day serves as a reminder to single people that they are alone. Some people before Valentine’s Day make sure they have someone to spend it with them because the thought of being alone scares them, making them settle for someone who they really aren’t attracted to. 

There are single people out there who treat themselves with buying themselves gifts on this holidayIt’s good to have a self-care day on Valentine’s Day because before you give others your love, you must first love yourself. 

Whether you’re single or taken, Valentine’s Day is pointless to celebrate. People should just do whatever makes them happy on that day not what companies and movies promote them to do. 

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Valentine’s Day spreads the love

Lauren Azevedo
Proposing to senior Graham Hill, senior Alexis Perno holds up fun dip. Valentine’s Day does not need to be celebrated with significant others as shown in the picture.



Celebrated with chocolate, teddy bears and flowers, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to share the love with those close to you. Even though the holiday is usually celebrated with your significant other, there are no rules that apply to who you can show your appreciation for.  

People tend to not like the holiday. The only reason I can think of for people not liking it is that they’re single and bitter. However, you don’t have to be taken to enjoy the holiday.  

Starting when I was young, my mom always bought me chocolate and gifts in celebration of the holiday. Beginning a couple of years ago, I began giving my mom gifts for the holiday as well. Even though my mom and I aren’t each other’s Valentines, we still find a way to make the holiday work.  

I may be biased, however: my birthday falls on Valentine’s day. It is a special day for me, and those around me make it apparent. They get me extra gifts, balloons, candy etc.  But just because the holiday falls on my birthday doesn’t mean that it’s the only reason that I like it.  

I’m a huge believer in love. I think the holiday is a sweet and special way to show love to your close ones. If you don’t have anybody you’d like to share the holiday with, it wouldn’t be the end of the world to share it with yourself. 

According to a study done by, 15% of women buy themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. It’s not such a bad thing to realize your self-worth. Take the night to pamper yourself. Enjoy yourself by doing a face mask, taking bath with a bath-bomb, painting your nails, etc.  

For the guys, do your favorite hobby, play a couple of video games, etc. For both parties, possibly invite your friends overGo out for a nice meal or watch a movie. This holiday isn’t just to celebrate a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s to celebrate your appreciation for others and even yourself.  

 For those with significant others, you can go out on a nice date, give and receive flowers, eat chocolate and light a nice-smelling candle. Tell each other how happy you are to have them in your life. It will mean a lot.  

Not only is the holiday a way to spread love and admiration, it boosts the economy. In 2018, the projected amount spent for Valentine’s Day in the U.S. was 19.6 billion. 19.6 billion for one day of love.  

The holiday only lasts one day. Why ruin it for those who like the holiday and want to show admiration? Get over the self-pity. If you can’t make it a day about a loved one, make it for yourself.  

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