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The student-run news site of H. B. Plant High School

PHS News

The student-run news site of H. B. Plant High School

PHS News

Lauren Azevedo, Social Media Editor

Lauren is a senior at Plant and is on her second year of being on staff. She is the social media manager which includes posting to Pep O’ Plant’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with her friends and listening to music. Her favorite downtime activity is watching and making TikToks. Her favorite articles to write are opinions, in which Lauren can exploit her beliefs and her thoughts. She is very outgoing and loves to make people laugh. Lauren is excited for her senior year and can’t wait to go to college where she can make new friends and make life-long memories.

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As we approach colder weather in Florida, most Floridians just wear a set of sweatshirts and sweatpants. Since we don’t usually have nice and chilly weather, it is harder to upkeep a collection of warmer clothes. Here are some fun ways to incorporate style into your outfit with some clothes you may already have.

How to style fall outfits

November 20, 2020
Ready for school, senior Toni Keene’s set-up includes her laptop and an open binder. Keene mentioned her emotional stress of being a senior and not being able to attend school in the way that she had hoped.

E-Learning Q and A

September 17, 2020
Sitting and listening to an employee at the Crystal Springs Preserve, students learn about the pH levels of the Hillsborough River and Spring. During the lab, students took samples of the water and tested the pH and nitrate levels.

[Photo] Upriver

March 6, 2020
Lacrosse, tennis and flag football host tryouts at the beginning of spring.

Tryout Q and As

February 22, 2020
Committing to Wisconsin University, senior Lindsey Meyer holds up the schools signature W sign. Meyer was on the crew team as a coxswain.

Lindsey Meyer Q and A

January 14, 2020
December quizzes

December quizzes

November 18, 2019
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