E-Learning Q and A


Lauren Azevedo

Ready for school, senior Toni Keene’s set-up includes her laptop and an open binder. Keene mentioned her emotional stress of being a senior and not being able to attend school in the way that she had hoped.

Lauren Azevedo, Social Media Manager

Toni Keene is a senior at Plant and is attending school through the e-learning option.  

Q: What was the reason you decided to become an e-learner over becoming a traditional learner in school? 

A: I am high risk for the virus because I have heart problems. I also have dealt with being in the hospital many times before, and it is not a pleasant experience. I love Plant High School and my classmates, but I don’t even feel safe going to Publix. Why risk my life when I can do classes at home and hang out with my cat? 


Q: Has being an e-learner made it hard to adjust to the new school year? 

A: Yes! Learning how to use Canvas and dealing with its many issues have been infuriating. I have gotten used to it but its hard submitting an assignment and the teacher saying it didn’t go through. It is also my senior year so there is an emotional component to my stress as well.  


Q: Has e-learning made your schedule easier or harder to manage? 

A: Before the coronavirus, I was super busy with rehearsals, voice lessons and dance classes but now since all of those things are online, just like school, it’s definitely easier. Having my day typed out and scheduled is really nice and eliminating travel time is a relief! I have a lot more free time now.  


Q: Do you have more schoolwork to do comparative to years in the past due to being online? 

A: It seems like a lot because instead of just turning an assignment in on paper, I have to type it or write it out, take a picture and then send it to my teacher. Plus, I’m taking three AP’s so that’s definitely adding to the workload. 


Q: How are you liking Canvas so far? 

A: I have a love/hate relationship with Canvas. Sometimes it works out great and sometimes I want to throw my laptop out the window. I do love that I’m saving paper though. 


Q: What are the upsides to e-learning? 

A: Most assignments are due by the end of the day instead of the beginning of whatever class it is for, allowing me to have more time to complete assignments. It’s also kind of fun to do all the assignments you can in advance, so you have more free time later! 


Q: What are the downsides to e-learning? 

A: It can be really lonely. Yeah, there are people on zoom, but we can’t talk or even type in the chat. Plus, I kind of miss walking in the hallways and saying hi to people I know when I walk by. I had no idea I’d miss physical school, but I do. 


Q: Do you like e-learning or traditional school more? 

A: I like traditional school more! E-learning is a fine substitute, but it’s hard to adjust to. With traditional school you have things like black and gold card lunches and Unity Day that are special to Plant. E-learning is just me doing schoolwork at home. I also miss going to chorus! I go on zoom but it’s not the same as really being there and making music.  


Q: Have your teachers been working with you to adjust to online school? 

A: Not really, but my parents are both teachers at Plant and we’ve all been helping each other. I know that every teacher has been struggling to figure out Canvas and trying to help both brick and mortar students and e-learning students, so I have the deepest respect for them. So, no hard feelings about not being there for me, individually, because I know they’re helping someone who needs more assistance than I do.  


Q: Do you wish you were attending school in person? 

A: With circumstances the way they are, no way. But, if coronavirus “ends” and PHS is safe and sanitary, I would be there!