The new game Among Us is rising in popularity

The game featuring the imposter and set of crew members has topped the charts on the app store and has become addicting to myself and others

The new game, “Among Us” is rising in the charts. The game consists of an imposter and crewmates, where the imposter must kill all of the crewmates before they finish their tasks.

The new game, “Among Us” is rising in the charts. The game consists of an imposter and crewmates, where the imposter must kill all of the crewmates before they finish their tasks.

Lauren Azevedo, Social Media Manager

 After seeing tweets about the game and its popularity, I had to see why the game had so much hype. I searched in the app store and after typing just the letter A,” the first letter in the game’s title, it popped up.  

When opening Among Us, you are presented with a series of options. You can host a game, play a public game and join a private game with a code. Being able to host and join games allows you to play on a server with your friendsI really like this feature because it makes the game more fun when you’re able to play with your friends.  

Talking about the game’s logistics, there are a series of ways to play. The host of a game can change the settings so that there are two or three imposters, making it harder to determine who the imposters are. You can also change which map to play on and how many tasks you must complete.  

Usually the game consists of one imposter and the other players being crewmates. The goal of the imposter is to kill all the crewmates before they can finish their tasks. 

Imposters must fake tasks, accuse others, make alliances and be stealthy about their whereabouts. This will ensure the imposter will win. However, with a maximum of nine crewmates, their objective is to vote the imposter out before the imposter can kill the remaining crewmates 

The goal of the crewmates is to finish their tasks before the remaining crew members get killed because once the tasks are completed, the crewmates win. There are visual tasks and non-visual tasks. The visual ones can help you create an alibi if someone is nearby watching. Because the imposters can’t do any tasks, this will ensure you are not the imposter. 

An example of a visual task is taking out the trash or scanning in medbay, an area on the map. Tasks are usually in areas like electrical and admin, where you have to fix wiring or swipe your admin card.  

It is exhilarating doing tasks because you’re trying to get something done with the fear of getting killed and having to see the area surrounding you for suspicious activity. It gives you some adrenaline playing the game, especially when you’re the imposter and you have to fake tasks and act normal around the crewmates. 

Imposters are allowed to “vent” which means after they kill someone, they can transfer from room to room through vents. This can help them get away from the body they just killed, making them look less suspicious. However, if caught venting, you’re in trouble because it clearly identifies you as the imposter.  

I really like this feature because it makes it easier to get away with killing the crewmates and creates confusion among them. As it’s hard enough being the imposter, this makes their game a little more fun because you’re allowed to break some rules that the crewmates can’t take part in.  

When a dead body is found, you must report it. There will be a chat where you can give evidence on who you think the imposter is, defend yourself by telling your location, who you were with and if you were doing tasks. 

Once the chat session time runs out, you must vote on who you believe the imposter is. If you’re unsure of who it is or you don’t have enough evidence to determine who the imposter is, you can skip your vote.  

I enjoy the game allowing for discussion time because it makes it easier to identify the imposter. When playing with your friends, it’s good to make alliances and be able to determine the imposter based on what everyone saw.  

The majority of votes determines if someone gets kicked out. If someone was voted out and they were not the imposter, the game will continue, and the crewmates will have to continue finishing their tasks and play another round 

There are rooms to help the crewmates determine the imposter. There is a security room where you can watch cameras placed throughout the map. There is a room called admin where you can see how many people were in each room and if anyone vents. This can work for you and against you.  

As the imposter, you have to beware of where people are located and if they have eyes on you. I like having the feature of cams and admin even as the imposter because you can easily fake looking at the map which makes you look less suspicious.  

Even though you may be telling the truth and are being honest about what you saw on cams or admin, people sometimes take the safe route and may accuse you of being too “suspicious”. If you report a body and no one is nearby, people may accuse you of “self-report” which means killing a crewmate and immediately reporting the body in fear of being seen.  

If running into a room after the imposter and the imposter self-reports, they will accuse you of being the imposter and you could potentially get voted out. This is why you have to be safe, make alliances and do your tasks carefully and not be left alone to die.  

In order to differentiate one another, people have a screen name, a color and can wear accessories like hats. This makes the game more exciting because you can express yourself through your avatar. My avatar is usually white and has a broken egg on its head. My friends like to have distinct colors as well which makes it easy to identify them during a game.  

When voting and wanting to accuse someone, for examplethe crewmate that is the color blue, you would type in the chat “blue sus, they faked a visual task.”!This will get people thinking about whether or not they saw the color blue running around and if they were acting suspicious. This tactic works if you are the imposter because it makes people question their honesty and not yours.  

If you haven’t seen a dead body but you saw something suspicious or out of the ordinary, you can call an emergency meeting where you can discuss what you saw and why you should vote someone out.  

This feature is very nice to have because if someone is chasing you around the map while you’re doing your tasks, you can call a meeting to accuse them of being the imposter that way you don’t necessarily have to be killed to discuss.  

All in all, the game is a great way to pass time and have fun with your friends. The popularity of the game has been rising so if you haven’t downloaded it, you shouldn’t be one of the few to be missing out.