Students donate blood to save lives

Audrey Taylor, Staffer

With the help of Oneblood and the senior committee, students were given the chance to donate blood during school Jan 29.  

Students could donate anytime during 2nd through 7th period and were given snacks and sugary drinks to help them recover. 

“I wanted to get over my fear of needles,” junior Sadie Saunders said. “I thought it would also be a good thing to donate blood for people.” 

People can donate blood every two months but sometimes have to wait longer if their iron level are low or have other health factors. Before donating students have their vitals checked and answer 40 questions to check if they are fit to draw blood, however, some students were nervous. 

“Being nervous is always a normal fear of the unknown,” Oneblood representative Tracy Johnston said. “It’s never as bad as you think, and you have to remember, when you donate blood you can save three people’s lives.”