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Wrestling season ends

Samantha Macuare, Staffer

This season the wrestling team had 25 tournaments with districts approaching 

 According, junior Mateo Craig said the Tony Ippolito tournament was the team’s hardest so far.  

“As a team we did pretty well with only a few guys not making it to the second daof eliminations,” Craig said. In the end we had a hand full of third and fourth placers and one or two first placers. Overall, it was a great effort from the team and shows how much we have improved. Everyone wrestled challenging matches, some against people who were ranked in the state. Everyone went out with a great mindset of being ready to try their best and embrace their challenge.”  

Senior Jason Szwejkowski says he was excited to get back into the wrestling season.  

“Before my matches I get some jitters as most people do, but you get warmed up all nice and you start to let go of your jitters and doubts,” Szwejkowski saidA wrestling match is the greatest feeling. The only thing you care about is beating the other kid. A wrestling match is a flurry of moves and nonstop fighting and at the end of the day if you trained hard enough and maybe had a trick up your sleeve you get your hand raised.