Convenience or quirky

Large coffee chains are more reliable than local coffee shops

Audrey Taylor, Staffer

One of the biggest arguments for teenagers being superficial and spending recklessly is the obsession with Starbucks. However, there are many rational reasons for enjoying Starbucks. It is reliable, good quality and fast. While supporting local businesses is a good idea, local coffee shops are more hassle than they are worth.   

When most people drink coffee, they are in a rush and a desperate hunt for caffeine. While in this frenzy, people don’t care how the shops look; they want coffee and fast. In this situation, a corporate chain like Starbucks is the best option. There is no risk of poor quality and strange menus. It’s comforting to know that if you are craving your unique order, there is a Starbucks around the corner.  

My problem with local coffee shops is the inconsistency of quality. I occasionally drink coffee, but my favorite drink to get is a hot chai latte. At Starbucks, I know I love their recipe and it’s the same quality, price and calories every time. I have tried chai lattes at different local coffee shops and while I have had some great ones, others were not worth the money. I am always disappointed when this happens and end up missing the comforting Starbucks drink.   

If a person can find a local coffee shop they love, that is great. However, the attempts and fails to find it is not worth the success at the end, mainly because most good locations are far away and inconvenient to get to. The reason Starbucks is so popular is that there are stores everywhere, it eliminates the desperate hunt for a good place because if you live in a city, there is most likely one five minutes from your house.    

The times I go to Starbucks the most is when traveling. My family is picky about their coffee and trust Starbucks more than iffy hotel coffee. When in a new city, finding a local coffee shop that is worthy of your time is challenging. Big chains like Starbucks are located across the world and the quality is still the same.    

A major complaint about Starbucks is the price. Five dollars for a cup of coffee may seem extreme, but it depends on how you look at it and what you order. On vacation, paying more for quality coffee is worth it for most people instead of settling for cheaper coffee that isn’t worth any price. When at home, buying coffee out every day, whether at a big chain or a local coffee shop, is a poor financial decision because the price adds up. The price at a local coffee shop for specialty drinks is generally the same as big chains. If money is a concern, there are other coffee chains like Dunkin Donuts that are still convenient but cheaper.   

Along with the drinks being more convenient, there are also specific opportunities that arise when frequenting a large chain. At Starbucks, they sell cheap reusable cups that you can bring to any Starbucks and they can fill. By using these cups, people have the opportunity to reduce waste because they know any Starbucks will be willing to use the cups.   

A cup of coffee or a chai latte is the same no matter where you get it; it only varies in quality. However, food is more likely to differ from large corporations to local restaurants. I would rather try local businesses for food instead of attempting to find a decent local coffee shop to get a worse version of what I could find at Starbucks.