A note-able concert

Jazz band holds concert in auditorium

Cole Morgan, Staffer

The jazz band held a concert in the auditorium Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. before their Music Performance Assessment, which was Feb. 6. 

“I think the concert went great,” junior Josh Frye said. “We played Tuesday night and got feedback from a judge, and I think we really used a lot of that fine tuning to make our performance really special.”  

The jazz band students performed 3 songs, all of which were classics from the 1930s and 1940s. 

“I prepared individually by practicing and improvising at home to a recording of the changes, and the band played every day at school, freshman Jack Bricklemyer said. 

Jazz band members from Wilson Middle School also participated in the concert. This granted the middle schoolers a sneak peak of the experience they may have if they choose to participate in jazz band. 

“They did incredibly well, and hopefully they choose to continue studying jazz at Plant because they would make a great addition to our band, senior Ian McGary said. 

The band used the concert as preparation for MPA, where they received straight superiors.  

“I felt like it went really well but there is always room for improvement,” sophomore Mia Alcala said.