How to Stay Active During Quarantine 


Michelle Tutor

Simple yet effective ways to stay healthy during COVID-19 situation.

Hartley Hill, Copy Editor


  1. Go for a run. It’s a great way to get out of the house and burn off some steam. Bayshore is the most obvious place to go, but it gets extremely crowded at certain times of the day. To stay distanced from others while running, Davis Island, Picnic Island, or just your own neighborhood are just as fun to run in. 
  2. Got an old Wii? Break out Just Dance. Whether you’re dancing solo or with a sibling, Just Dance will make exercising seem like just an easy game, and you can stay in your house. 
  3. Bike rides. Going on bike rides has been the highlight of my quarantine. We finally have the time to spend over an hour on a leisurely bike ride, and it is something you can do with a friend while staying socially distanced. You can meet up with a friend and bike to Bayshore, Davis Island, around Hyde Park or downtown. The best part is it is not too exhausting—you can say you biked 10 miles without feeling too tired. 
  4. Find short workouts online – Great for a study break (or a Netflix break), mini workouts take barely any time and can actually make you sweat. Search for an abs or leg challenge on TikTok or search for slightly longer videos on YouTube. I suggest Alexis Ren on YouTube; her 10-minute ab workout will get you a six pack during quarantine. 
  5. Camp2GoEven though the Camp Tampa campus is closed, they are still offering Pilates, yoga and HIIT classes online. While it does cost $35 a month for a subscription, Camp Tampa classes are amazing and will get you in shape before quarantine ends. 
  6. Walk around your neighborhood. Go by yourself, with your dog or with your family. It’s a great way to get fresh air and away from a screen. 
  7. Play a sport – Whether you are keeping up practice for your sport or just want to try something new for fun, if you have the equipment, you can play anything you want. Find a basketball hoop or a concrete wall to throw a lacrosse ball. Some golf courses are still open too. 
  8. Just get out of bed… It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re doing something besides binge-watching. Help your mom clean the house, play with your pets, cook a meal, organize your closetas long as you’re on your feet you are staying active and socially distanced.