How to stay in touch while you’re in quarantine

A top ten list of things to do with your friends while locked in your house


Izzy Antilla

Showing a few tips to help people stay social while in quarantine, the infographic gives ideas, like a movie night and a new workout regime. I have used some of these tips in the past and they proved to be enjoyable for my friends and I.

Izzy Antilla, Staffer

  1. Zoom or Facetime catch-up – First of the all, the most obvious way to stay in contact with your friends, Zoom and or Facetime lets you talk to your friends face to face through the screen. I’ve used both a lot over the past few weeks as it is an easy and effective way to stay in touch with my friends.  
  2. Online card games On websites like you can play games like Go Fish, Match Up, Checkers or even your own custom games. And if you want to communicate during the game do a group call and continue to play.  
  3. “Movie Night”- With a Netflix extension, the “Squad” app or Zoom you can share your screen then play a movie or TV show and have fun watching it together.  
  4. Tik Tok viewing party Using the screen sharing app “Squad” you can call and talk to your friends while looking at one members screen. This will let you guys watch Tik Toks together, laugh and have fun whilst keeping touch.  
  5. Daily PowerPoint slides – On Google Docs you and your friends can create daily slides documenting your day in a fun and creative way. Not only will this give you a relaxing creative outlet but let you see what your friends are up to.  
  6. Go to “Disney” together When you search up videos along the lines of “Virtual Disney trip” on Youtube you can find POV videos of all the rides letting you “move” throughout the park. To make it more fun, call your friends, have one person share their screen and enjoy the rides.  
  7. Start a new workout challenge together The quarantine has inspired many of us including me to start a new workout regime but starting one with a friend or two will keep you guys motivated and social.  
  8. Study with one another – Though we are in quarantine we still have online schoolwork, why not make it more interesting by doing it with friends.  Call each other to talk about what you’re working on and push each other to finish.  
  9. Bake some pastries I know I’m not the only one who has been baking a lot more than usual, with all the cute recipes on social media it’s hard not to. So, instead of baking alone do it with a friend, just agree on a recipe call one another and talk through the process. At the end youll have a sweet treat and so will your friend.  
  10.  Create matching crafts Lastly, clothes restorations or room decorations has been another way to pass time but doing it with a friend will help inspire ideas and interest. You can Facetime and talk through all the steps, updating them as you go, which will help you stay motivated and excited throughout.